Thursday, December 30, 2004

Where's the Canadian Forces with Relief?

Here's a good breakdown on what's happened to the Canadian Military, at least their rapid response team. They can't get their even though people are trained and ready to go. This relates to Canada's problem overall with any military situation. They have a force of equipment and supplies which are either in decay or non-existent. The Canada of old is gone and probably won't be coming back. The Socialist moonbats have taken over their country.

Our strategic airlift capability is virtually non-existent. Our fleet of 32 C-130 Hercules, which are not even strategic airlifters, can muster only 6 - 8 serviceable aircraft on most days. It would take several dozen C-130 chalks to deploy DART, depending on the destination. We have been embarrassed in the past, when even small-scale deployments have been aborted due to lack of serviceable aircraft.

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