Saturday, December 11, 2004

What a Guy: Ben Stein

Yesterday I read Sarah's Blog and she was admiring Ben Stein. Sarah has not been having a good week. So, I read the link from her blog to one of Ben Stein's articles and at the bottom there's the note for contacting the magazine. So, off goes the email to the magazine requesting they fwd the email to Ben Stein. I just asked him if he would send an email of encouragement to Sarah. I told him Sarah's husband was in Iraq and I knew that Ben Stein was a big supporter of the military. I mean he and his wife send lots of stuff to the troops.

The best news was Ben sent an email to Sarah and it did just what I expected, it boosted her out of the stratosphere. Amazing what such a small gesture can mean to someone. Thank you Ben Stein for fulfilling a request.

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