Sunday, December 19, 2004


Here's the story from Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds):

Power Line is calling it one, and has this: "At the time the question was asked, the planted question, the unit had 784 of its 804 vehicles armored." Reading the followup, I think the number was more like 810 out of 830, but the ratio is still colossal, and it's rather shocking that we're just now hearing this.

UPDATE: Meanwhile
Jason van Steenwyk is busting Dick Durbin for phony numbers. ("What's the deal with the idiots on the pentagon beat? Why are they just taking the claim at face value?Why does it fall to me to dig this obvious crap out?")

Donald Sensing has more, and observes:
My long-term readers may recall that I am no member of the Donald Rumsfeld fan club myself, but the calls for his head from US Senators over the phony armor shortage is absurd - especially from Republican Sen. John McCain; I increasingly wonder whether he knows he often seems to disconnect brain from tongue when making the talk shows. McCain's Senate duties have included direct oversight of DOD expenditures since the years of the Clinton administration.

Yet the Tennessean reported,
The Pentagon is spending $4.1 billion over the next year to add armor to vehicles in Iraq. [Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey] Sorenson said 35,000 of them need armored protection, of which 29,000 have been funded by Congress.

Got that? The Army's funding for armor is 6,000 vehicles short because John McCain won't choke up the money.

All of which is to say that it's business as usual on Capitol Hill: to seem rather than to be.

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