Friday, December 17, 2004

Someone You Should Know

I love this story cause I'm involved with Soldier's Angels Wounded Backback project. It's great to read a story from someone who's there and was helping. My Mom pulled together enough from a couple of my other sibs at Thanksgiving for me to donate a whole backpack and I'm involved in making the lap blankets included int he backpacks. 4 needing to be finished and mailed out sitting on the table.

After reading this you'll see how great this is this project. There's a link at the top of for the Wounded Warriors Foundation and you can go there and donate yourself!


I have to tell you that the first thing the soldiers pulled out of every stocking and backpack were the LETTERS and CARDS. The candy, etc. went almost unnoticed but the letters were torn open and read immediately. We went into the TV room where a bunch of guys were watching a movie and handed out stockings and 2 minutes later I peeked in and every single one of them had an opened letter in his hands.

Willie had been sent a small box from SA that was full of additional letters. You could tell that people had written like 10 or 20 and sent them in. One pack had "To an American Hero" on each envelope. We put at lot of them into the stockings so they each had 2 letters, and gave the rest to SSG Ferrar to hand out to new guys in a week or two. SSG Ferrar again explained that the guys are often very low-key because of the "decompression" thing, but that the thoughts and wishes from back home make a HUGE difference in morale. He also thanked each one of us individually in a very heartfelt way which of course embarrassed us all again for about the 100th time that day.

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