Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Quakes and Tsunamis and Leftist Babble

The Diplomad

Wow - this is a great post from someone who's there and in the State Dept. He tells how USELESS the UN is in these situations and also how complicit the MSM is in this fallacy of the UN doing a good job with humanitarian relief. The ones doing the heavy lifting and contributing the most are the USA and the Aussies.

One more note about the USA. The amounts listed in the newspapers as donated by the USA greatly underestimate the true size of the donation we make. We are moving huge numbers of aircraft, ships, and personnel to help out. We have carriers and even a MEU on the move. And guess what? We don't charge the UN for that, and we don't include those enormous costs in any "pledging conferences." The only countries I see delivering goods and services where I am are the Aussies (who are terrific!) and us. The EU is only to be seen in press releases.

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