Friday, December 10, 2004

The President That You Never Hear About

I found this very interesting and was not surprised at the lack of mention of this by the MSM.

Comes via Matt at B5.

But what you may not know from the MSM is that he was at Camp Pendleton for another reason. Some of the articles touch briefly on that reason, but they don't (or won't) do it justice. This is from a Marine Colonel at Pendleton who writes of the President's visit:

...we had the lead for the POTUS visit and I was privileged to spend much of the day with him. Let me tell you something that was, very deliberately, not in the news. President Bush came here for two reasons. To thank the Marines and sailors of Camp Pendleton for all they do, and to meet with the families of our fallen warriors. The first part was public. The second - and I believe far more important - was to meet privately with 170 family members who had lost a loved one. He forbade the press corps from viewing or photographing any of it.

Go read the rest cause you have to admire a man who will do something this difficult. I can't imagine trying to do what he did, it's so heartbreaking.

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