Sunday, December 12, 2004

On a positive note

Dagger Jag tells us about a 'Detainee Half House' for re-integrating released prisoners. Here's a great story about Iraqis working to make their country free.

On a positive note
Today we conducted another detainee release mission. I've wrote about one way back during the summer but things have changed a bit since then. We still conduct the release missions every week or two. The detainees come up from Abu Ghraib on busses or trucks and we meet them in Tikrit and escort the busses to a smaller village outside of Tikrit. There, they are released at a "halfway house" of sorts.

Then a followup:
More about the "halfway house"
I've received a number of emails asking for more information about the halfway house program. There is not much more information, and hasn't been any press coverage as far as I know, about the program. The director started the program in his home town and has put quite a lot of effort into it. He's now expanding the program and will soon be starting up in the Kirkuk area and in Baqubah. He would love to see the program expanded throughout the country.

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