Monday, December 13, 2004

Omar and Mohammed Come Calling

The power of the blogosphere is amazing!

The two brothers from Iraq the Model Blog were in the USA for a conference. There were many bloggers who were able to meet with them including Roger (above), Powerline and Matt at Blackfive. They've all done a write up of their impressions of the brothers.

But Roger went a step further and had them over for dinner:

Omar and Mohammed Come Calling

Omar and Mohammed-two of the three brothers who make up Iraq the Model-came to Sheryl's and my house last night for a small party of some bloggers and other interested folks. I would have invited everyone I knew... in some ways I wish I had... but I was selfish. I wanted a small enough group so we could all talk with them (okay, so I could talk with them).

One thing I would like to say at the outset is that they were terrific people and I was instantly comfortable with them in the way you are with old friends. This is one of the miracles of the blogosphere. We all know each other to an extraordinary degree before we meet.

But it was more than that in this is case. I think I can speak for the others present when I say both brothers exuded a unique combination of calm, warmth and intelligence. They are also deep lovers of freedom in a way it is difficult to be for those of us who grow up with it. If many Iraqis are like these two young Baghdad dentists, I am quite anxious to go to Iraq.

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