Sunday, December 12, 2004

More on France and Canada

The Diplomad

I love it when anyone dishes it out to France and Canada, why, because both are so deluded and thin-skinned. It's ok for anyone in France and Canada to continually criticize America and Americans but ohhhhhh you'd better not say anything about France or Canada cause otherwise they'll well they'll ...... say something back? We all know they have no military to speak of so they've got no muscle to exercise just words.

Here's an exerpt from the Diplomad and go read the comments cause they are interesting:

Not unlike the Canadian left. Now there's another group that just loves to dump all over the USA and especially President Bush, but say something back, and the Girlie Boys are all in a twitter! Remember how worked up they got over Conan's SOCK PUPPET!

And if you really want a Girlie Boy comment check out this one on The Diplomad by some "reality based" Canadian blog. It seems that if you don't like how Canada, once one of the world's great countries, has been systematically run into the ground and emasculated over the past 40 years, well, you are a hater of Canada and "Brain-dead ignorant."

The true "Brain-dead ignorant" haters of Canada are the cry-baby lunatics who now control the place and want to ignore the great role that Canada has played historically in the defense of the West. We wonder what the Canadian kids who stormed ashore and died at Dieppe or on the beaches of D-Day under their famous Red Ensign (not that weird washed out Maple Leaf) would think of what has happened to their country in the past four decades; a country now content to disarm itself -- except for a few rusty smoky second-hand subs -- and to destroy its traditions and culture in the name of diversity.

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