Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Military Moms of Minnesota

I found this via The Iraq Files. Funny cause you'd think this would be someone you'd see in the local rag but hmmm, nope.

Aside from the family story who's sons are in Iraq there's also a mention about the politics in Minnesota.

Would you call this Minnesota Nice (btw for those that don't know this is a jab at the lefties in the state):

MINNESOTA -- A VERY BLUE state -- must be a very odd place these days. John Kerry won Minnesota in November by three points. Its population isn't large compared to many states, but about 13,000 Minnesotans are in the National Guard, and many are in Iraq. The support the troops get from their families is incredible. Unfortunately for the younger members of the family, politics sometimes is substituted for the support they should receive from their teachers. Maybe it's a blue state problem.

The normal pressures of being 16 are enough for Tyler Wieman to have to deal with. He and brother Kyle are worried about Josh. And about themselves, thanks to teachers who are doing their best to scare the hell out of the kids. Tyler's teachers have been telling him he's going to be drafted and sent off to war. Their mom is too busy helping to be really outraged about this, but we should do it for her. Any teacher who is scaring kids -- especially those with brothers or sisters in harm's way -- should be fired forthwith. Fortunately for Tyler, calls from brother Josh, stationed in Baghdad -- and his parents' effort to set the record straight -- are relieving some of that pressure.

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