Thursday, December 23, 2004


The stockings are stuffed on the ledge with care, even my Spreadsheet expert (Tink) has her own treats to dip into. House is cleaned (errr well as good as it gets...). Gifts have all been wrapped and put under the tree. Went to the Meat market and got goodies for breakfast on Christmas morning. The house is all decorated inside and out and it's just waiting for the family to descend. I do love Christmas not just because of the religious aspect but also because my family all gets together and we are a large and boistrous bunch. We even include the canines in the fun. Christmas Eve day my parents will arrive to stay with me and then, after the Vikings vs The Pack, we go to one of my brothers and he's got homemade Pizza (he makes the best) and a little violin and guitar Christmas program. Then we have white elephant gifts to exchange along with a bit of vino. Then maybe a Domino tournie.

Christmas Day the fun starts around noon with my other brothers and sisters with spouses and kids ( some canines) in tow will arrive at my little abode. It gets very loud and energetic with my Mom at the center of attention. The kids will go outside and play on the ice. We open gifts and it looks like a tornedo has ripped through the house. Then it's down to the serious business of food!! We have homemade ravioli every year for Christmas Day Dinner. I'm usually full after two raviolis since I've probably been munching on too many cookies....yeah, naughty. Everybody cleans up and then usually by 5 pm everyone is gone. It seems so quiet after 5 hours of bedlam and chaos.

Everyone (for all 2 or 3 of you) my best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and please say a prayer for our soldiers and their families. If you can, donate a few dollars to one of the organizations listed above. Thank our soldiers for letting you have a wonderful Christmas with your families while they are not with theirs. Never forget that Freedom isn't Free.

Merry Christmas to ALL

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