Friday, December 17, 2004

Islamophobia's Big Day at the UN by Alexander H. Joffe

After you read this can you honestly say that the UN is not a useless and worthless organization that is just robbing the US taxpayers?

The tone was set from the top, by the aristocratic Kofi Annan, whose platitudes included the ritual assertion that Islam is not “monolithic," and stunningly, that questioning the compatibility of Islam with democracy, modernity and womens’ rights were forms of Islamophobia. The “Other” was invoked, along with Islam’s ‘tolerance’ for Christians and Jews (as legally defined second-class citizens), as was the qualification that the “historical experience of Muslims included colonialism and imperialism by the West, both direct and indirect.” Terrorism and violence “in the name of Islam” were merely cases where a few give a bad name to the many.

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