Thursday, December 30, 2004

Into the Tar Pits -- VDH

Victor Davis Hanson has tarred the Left in this commentary.

We may still rant about the American rejection of Kyoto. But is anyone alarmed over the hundreds of coal plants sprouting up in India and China to ensure billions of people that there will be enough energy for a possible future lifestyle of the type we now take for granted in Santa Barbara and Nantucket? In short, we will soon enter an age in which China may well change the world's environment, affect the price of oil, and govern the world's trade as much as the United States — and will care almost nothing about what Western liberals say, secure either that its fraying socialist veneer or sheer size and power will earn it a pass from the censure of Western intellectuals.
Course the MSM and the Neo-Socialists (read:Democrats) never take China or any other country to task. Just the US.

What will Earth First do when this socialist behemoth sprouts its oil rigs in the Arctic tundra and pristine seas?
I love this sentence.

As the old politics lie in ruin from hypocrisy and incoherence, the Left needs to get a new life. Here are a few more suggestions:

Remember that multilateral inaction
Quit idolizing Europe
Stop seeing an all-powerful United States behind every global problem
Don't believe much of what the U.N. says anymore
Stop seeing socialists and anti-Americans as Democrats
Ignore most grim international reports that show the United States as stingy, greedy, or uncaring based on some esoteric formula that makes a Sweden or Denmark out as the world's savior

Action and results, not rhetoric and intentions, are what matter. Cease blaming others for declining popularity.
Read his commentary, his suggestions are explained in further detail. I just wonder if there's a politician out there that would ever take the advice above which of course isn't new. There is a fundamental lie continually promulgated by the MSM in conjunction with the Neo-Socialists in this country. They need to be taken down and hopefully this will happen with the emergence of the 'new media' - bloggging!

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