Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Editorial writers miss the boat on why we buy SUVs

Joe Soucheray hits the nail on the head with this column. Just for those who aren't from MN, Joe calls the Mpls Star Tribune the "Enemy Paper". That's because he writes for the St. Paul Pioneer Press which has a substantially lower circulation number. The Strib is about as left leaning as you can get without calling it the Communist Manifesto but the Pioneer Press isn't exactly right leaning either. It's just less left leaning than the Strib. It's too bad someone in the newspaper industry hasn't realized they could increase their circulation numbers significantly if they did adopt a conservative leaning. Maybe it's because there just are too few editorialists and news managers out there to recruit. I don't know but it seems to me to be simple economics. Haha! I've answered my own question, journalists don't understand business or economics or for that matter the military, so it makes sense to me now.....or not?

Here's some interesting stats Joe points out:

According to the state Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota ranked fourth in the nation in 2002 in boat registrations, the most recent year for rankings, behind only Michigan, California and Florida. In 2003, there were 845,379 boats registered in Minnesota. This probably terrifies editorialists as well, many of whom believe that boats and motors are as problematic to their view of life as the vehicles needed to trailer them.

How do you think those boats get to the lake, behind a Geo Metro?

In 2002, Minnesota was second only to Michigan in snowmobile registrations, at 277,290. I suppose you could tow a snowmobile or two up north every weekend behind a Honda Civic, but I bet you'd choose a SUV.

Not to mention ATVs, off-road motorcycles, hunting, fishing and camping equipment.

People buy SUVs because they are just the ticket for how they are living. There's the rub. It's how we are living that irritates editorialists. Look at the way poor old John Kerry had to answer that famous SUV question asked of him on the campaign trail. Asked if he owned an SUV he said he didn't but his family did. What a wimp. He should have answered honestly.

"You're darn tootin' I own SUVs. Couldn't get along without them. Heck, we own four or five homes, and we're always hauling stuff.''

BTW - I own an SUV and before that I had a truck for 11 years. I love my Ford Explorer, it's a wonderful vehicle. One of the best vehicles I've ever purchased.

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