Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Editorial: Solstice/Doesn't it seem darker this year?

For anyone who doesn't know about the drivel produced by the Minneapolis Star Tribune here's an excellent example. THIS WAS THE EDITORIAL FOR TODAY!!

Today's sunrise brings the solstice, and not a moment too soon. This year's run-up to winter has been different, somehow; a procession not so much of shortening days as of lengthening nights.

As in every year, the late-December sun has been setting a little after 4:30. But the darkness that follows has seemed somehow darker -- deeper than usual, or denser -- as it swallows streaming taillights and enforces the boundaries of streetlamp pools. In the mornings, too, the dark has seemed to linger not just longer but more heavily in the low spots, and under the shrubs.

A fellow we know happened to mention this observation out loud, in company, and was surprised to hear a general agreement: Yes, they said, the darkness has seemed darker this year. But why?

Seeing a darker darkness is a highly subjective thing.......

Remember this is the major newspaper in the Twin Cities market. Seeing a darker darkness??? I'd say that my 13 year old nephew would do a better job of writing an editorial than these morons.

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