Sunday, December 19, 2004

Christmas Display Orgasmatron

Last night I convinced a certain someone to go to see a Christmas Display of which I had seen a write-up in the Friday paper at work. Thinking it was fairly close to the homestead (close is a relative term when you live in exurbia, I found out I live in exurbia according to the lefties who run the city of Mpls). So we go tripping around the back county roads with me mastering the map! That was the first mistake. I'm the worst with directions and I had us almost to Shakopee which is about 10 miles beyond the target. By the time we finally found our destination, the line up of cars was like rush hour. Mind you this is in a fringe burb. We get closer and no kidding but there's a big orange diamond shaped sign which says "Home Christmas Display". Then there were the orange cones and traffic, traffic, traffic. I got to take like 4 pictures with the jeep moving or barely moving and people walking in front of the camera. The place was amazing for the little bit I saw. Think I'll have to try again bring the Mom with me maybe on Christmas night. Hopefully the traffic and wind will have died down by then. Oh, I forgot to mention the wind and the cold. Negative temps plus 20 to 30 mile winds make it VERY cold.

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