Tuesday, November 30, 2004

An open letter to Europe

Got this via email from Katy. Also saw it on another blog so I think it's legit.

By Herbert E. MeyerNote:
Herbert E. Meyer served during the Reagan Administration asSpecial Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the CIA's National Intelligence Council. His DVD on The Siege of Western Civilization is a nationwide best-seller.
November 11th, 2004
Are you (Europeans) nuts? Forgive me for being so blunt, but your reaction to our reelection of President Bush has been so outrageous that I'm wondering if you have quite literally lost your minds. One of Britain's largest newspapers ran a headline asking "How Can 59 Million Americans Be So Dumb?", and commentators in France all seemed to use the same word - bizarre -- to explain the election's outcome to their readers. In Germany the editors of Die Tageszeitung responded to our vote by writing that "Bush belongs at a war tribunal - not in the White House." And on a London radio talk show last week one Jeremy Hardy described our President and those of us who voted for him as "stupid,crazy, ignorant, bellicose Christian fundamentalists." Of course, you are entitled to whatever views about us that you care to hold. (And lucky for you we Americans aren't like so many of the Muslims on your own continent; as the late Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh just discovered, make one nasty crack about them and you're likely to get six bullets pumped into your head and a knife plunged into your chest.)But before you write us off as just a bunch of sweaty, hairy chested, Bible-thumping morons who are more likely to break their fast by dipping a Krispy Kreme into a diet cola than a biscotti into an espresso - Please consider that we inexplicably have won more Nobel prizes than all other countries combined....We host 25 or 30 of the world's finest universities and five or six of the world's best symphonies.....We produce wines that win prizes at your own tasting competitions, have built the world's most vibrant economy, are the world's only military superpower and, so tospeak, in our spare time, have landed on the moon and sent our robots to Mars. May I suggest you stop frothing at the mouth long enough to consider just what are these ideas we hold that you find so silly and repugnant? We believe that church and state should be separate, but that religion should remain at the center of life. We are a Judeo-Christian culture, which means we consider those ten things on a tablet to be commandments, not suggestions.We believe that individuals are more important than groups, that families are more important than governments, that children should be raised by theirparents rather than by the State, and that marriage should take place only between a man and a woman. We believe that rights must be balanced by responsibilities, that personal freedom is a privilege we must be careful not to abuse, and that the rule of law cannot be set aside when it becomes inconvenient. We believe in economic liberty, and in the right of purposeful and industrious entrepreneurs to run their businesses - and thus create jobs - with a minimum of government interference. We recognize that other people see things differently, and we are tolerant of their views.... But we believe that our country is worth defending, and if anyone decides that killing us is an okay thing to do we will go after them with everything we've got. If these beliefs seem strange to you,they shouldn't. For these are precisely the beliefs that powered Western Europe - you -- from the Middle Ages into the Renaissance, on to the Enlightenment, and forward into the modern world. They are the beliefs that made Europe itself the glory of Western civilization and - not coincidentally - ignited the greatest outpouring of art, literature, music and scientific discovery the world has everknown including Michaelangelo, Leonardo DaVinci, Shakespeare, Bach, IsaacNewton and Descartes.Europe is Dying It is your abandonment of these beliefs that has created the gap between Europe and the United States. You have ceased to be a Judeo-Christian culture, and have become instead a secular culture. And a secular culture quickly goes from being "un-religious" to anti-religious. Indeed, your hostility to the basic concepts of Judaism and Christianity has literally been written into your new European Union constitution, despite the Pope's heroic efforts to the contrary. Your rate of marriage is at an all-time low, and the number of abortions in Europe is at an all-time high. Indeed, your birth rates are so far below replacement levels that in 30 years or so there will be 70 million fewer Europeans alive than are alive today. Europe is literally dying. And of the children you do manage to produce, all too few will be raised in stable, two-parent households.Your economy is stagnant because yourgovernment regulators make it just about impossible for your entrepreneurs to succeed - except by fleeing to the United States, where we welcome them and celebrate their success.And your armed forces are a joke. With the notable exception of Great Britain, you no longer have the military strength to defend yourselves. Alas, you no longer have the will to defend yourselves. What worries me even more than all this is your willful blindness. You refuse to see that it is you, not we Americans, who have abandoned Western Civilization. It's worrisome because, to tell you the truth, we need each other. Western Civilization today is under siege, from radical Islam on the outside and from our own selfish hedonism within. It's going to take all of our effort, our talent, our creativity and, above all, our will to pull through. So take a good, hard look at yourselves and see what your own future will be if you don't change course. And please, stop sneering at America long enough to understand it. After all, Western Civilization was your gift to us, and you ought tobe proud of what we Americans have made of it.

Canadian Crack-Up Part III

Print Story - canada.com network

Canada appears to have an unusually high number of people with panic disorder, suffering episodes that can leave their victims unable to work, drive or even leave the house, a survey suggests.

Pamela Ramage-Morin, who authored a groundbreaking new study for Statistics Canada, said 3.7% of Canadians have suffered from the disorder at some point. International studies have shown the disease afflicts between 1% and 3.5% of people, she said.

"We would seem to be on the high end," said Ms. Ramage-Morin said, noting comparisons with other countries are difficult because of varying methodologies.

The report shows women suffer from the condition in far greater numbers. Of the men surveyed, 2.8% have suffered from it, in comparison to 4.6% of women.

Oh those poor poor Canadians. Bwahahahaha......this is so pathetic it's sad. At least of the 70% afflicted get medical help although you do realize that's through the Canadian Health System. Isn't that called an oxymoron?

Monday, November 29, 2004

Sergeant Bozik - Update 4

BLACKFIVE: Sergeant Bozik - Update 4

All I can say about this man and his fiance and family is WOW. Even with the road they have ahead they are grateful and optimistic.

You can still help out this family by donating (Charitable Deduction).

Sunday, November 28, 2004

America Supports You: AT&T Offers Holiday Gift Cards for Troops

This looks like a pretty nice gift to be able to give a military person especially those serving in the Middle East. I know it's thru AT&T and there are complaints about the cost by different mil members but at least this gift can be purchased and delivered via email for internet usage on base of which most internet cafe's on base are AT&T.

Check it out.

SI Sportsman of the Year - Vote For Ranger Pat Tillman

From Matt at BlackFive:

Patrick M. sends the link to Sports Illustrated's fan poll for Sportsman of the Year.
Background: Sports Illustrated is conducting it's annual fan poll for Sportsman of the Year. This year there is one athlete who stands out.
Tim Layden of CNN/Sports Illustrated lays it out for you.
I'd appreciate it if you took some time to go
here to vote, select Pat Tillman on the sliding window on the left of the site (he's second from the bottom and wearing a red football jersey), click on his picture, then hit the vote button. Just in case you have trouble finding his picture, here is a screenshot of what Pat Tillman's ballot looks like.
Currently, he is in third place behind Lance Armstrong and Michael Phelps.
Sondra K. says that she can't think of a more worthy person. I agree.
[Note: You can vote more than once - just refresh the web page]

Intelligence Reform Bill

Matt at Blackfive has a good posting on the blocking of the Intelligence Reform by the House. He does address the issue of who controls the satellites but the more important issue which was not discussed on any of the Sunday talk shows is the illegal alien issue:

And while you may find the above interesting, the real reason that the bill was killed was because of it's immigration policy changes - not because of General Myers' opposition. Congressman Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) opposed the bill for two days because of immigration issues. As a country, we need to determine: (1) do we need a National ID, (2) should illegal aliens should be able to get Driver's Licenses (because some states give them to illegal aliens and, having a Driver's License grants citizens rights that non-citizens should not have - buying firearms being just one issue), and (3) should we REALLY address our borders and port security more seriously? All have costs and benefits, and all will cost enormous sums of money in one way or another.

Kinda puts the kerfuffle in a whole different light. Now why do you think this has not been discussed? Could it be PC or the fact that there are members of both the Senate and House and The White House who would prefer that citizens of the country don't hear about this issue. I'd say it's the later since many citizens get pretty darn irate with this topic and most politicians play politics with it because of the voting block issues. We should be grateful there are still a few Republicans who have a spine in this country!!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Gobble Gobble

Well, we had a fun filled family afternoon. Spent Thanksgiving at my sister Mary's home. She had put together a sheet filled with games to be completed by each person (she's very clever) with name o'grams, crossword puzzle, turkey maze, and a letter - number thingy. The name o'grams were to find each person there for Thanksgiving name in the puzzle, the crossword was on family events and history, the letter - number thingy was to name my Mother's favorite phrase. So, the phrase was: If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all!! To which my Dad said: Bullshit! What a hoot. We had the youngest grandniece there in her pink sparkly shoes who was too cute for words. My niece the cop Sgt who's waiting for the mayor of a major nearby city to make some decisions before the budget year is over (I also got some pretty interesting info on the recent Hmong man who killed 6 hunters in Wisc last weekend). In all 24 of us were in attendence with a few missing family members due to spousal Holiday rotations. BTW - as usual there was too much food which was all too enticing!

We have alot to be grateful for with our large family.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Lance Cpl.Who Left Wall St.

The Lance Cpl.Who Left Wall St.

Contrary to what Michael Moore tells you there are patriotic and honorable people from what would MM calls the privileged class who volunteer to serve.

Thanks to Powerline.

FLASH: Desert Sky to be Featured on FOX News!

2Slick's Forum: FLASH: Desert Sky to be Featured on FOX News!

You can read about this documentary about the 101st ABN at 2Slicks blog. Sounds like it's gonna be good.

Nov. 24th....Update: This UPDATED report just in from Eric the Director:
False alarm but a better solution: FOX NEWS couldn't get a reliable satellite feed from Tucson to support me being on the show so they asked me to shift to Monday 29NOV.

In addition, I've spoken with a few professionals in the entertainment industry who feel that featuring Desert Sky on FOX's Dayside with Linda Vester will pretty much pave the way for a distributor... not that they'll come beating down my door but we'll have some credibility to bank on.

2-2 INF

trying to grok: 2-2 INF

Sarah has a link gripping article about A-CO 2-2 INF in Fallujah - Into the Hot Zone.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The House kills an intel plan that would have made fighting terror harder.

OpinionJournal - The Western Front

I had a feeling this was a good thing that the House had done in rejecting recommendation from the 911 Commission. Turns out my intuition was correct.

The problems here are obvious. .......To use a current example, if this was already in place, soldiers fighting in Fallujah might not have had the satellite linkups they needed to study the changing battlefield. Money and technology aside, the military also feared the intelligence director would pull essential personnel away from military duties--something explicitly within his power under the Senate's plan.

There's way more to this story than what you are hearing from the pundits and talking heads!

UN: 150 Sex Abuse Charges in Congo Peacekeeping

Yahoo! News - UN: 150 Sex Abuse Charges in Congo Peacekeeping

Well - do you think the NYT will have 40 front page headlines on this scandal? Maybe CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN could run some of the video which there is on this. Oops - I forgot, this is the UN not the US Military. So, guess they get a pass - right? (Sneer, sneer).

Oh, there's also this from Patrick Spero , seems this has been around since May but CNN has just started to report it now! Thanks to Instapundit for the links on this.

Small Town Veteran: Decisions

Small Town Veteran: Decisions

All I can say about this story is wow and thanks to Bill Faith.

Link for this came from 2Slick.

Friends of Saddam

Friends of Saddam

This is a great site, they've compiled all the news about the UNSCAM (so-called UN Oil for Food Scandal). The scope and breath of this fraud is unreal. Like I've said before, the UN has to go!

Oops, forgot to give credit to 2Slick for the link!

Fellowship 911

Thanks to Sarah for the link. This is very clever, it's a parody of Michael Moore's F'911. Not sure how it will play out if you are on dialup.

Monday, November 22, 2004

An exclusive look inside a Democratic ...

OOOOOeeee! You have got to read this one. It's just too good to pass up.

I appreciate everyone coming today as we try to figure out how the Democratic Party blew the presidential election and to see what we can do to turn things around. Clearly, the American public doesn't have a clue what they have done. They are a bunch of ignorant morons who don't know what is best for them. They probably don't even read the New York Times. It is imperative that we find someone who can relate to this bunch of right-wing, evangelical, homophobic boobs.

.......That's fine, Ms. Kerry. The chair now recognizes Sen. Hillary Clinton.Mr. Chairman, thank you for all your hard work in putting this meeting together. I feel badly that you have wasted your time. I will be the Democratic candidate in 2008. Period. I strongly suggest that none of you get in my way because if you try to stop me, I will squash you like a bug. Besides, I am the only Democratic candidate who can appeal to Southern voters. That is because I used to live in Arkansas, which is somewhere around Cleveland or Spokane, I think.

Vewwwy edgy - don't cha think?

Canadian Crack-up, Part II

Oh Canada......as a sidenote, I worked in Canada for about a year back in the early ninety's. It was that experience which turned me into a conservative. Most of my time was spent in Toronto but I had the distinct pleasure (NOT!) of traveling to Montreal (pee-ewww) and then to Calgary (not there long enough to form an opinion). Living in MN there are many Canadians here of which one is a husband of a good friend and another is an airhead idiot neighbor. The Hubby goes off the deep end whenever I talk about the Socialist country of the knuckers (heheh!). You have to read this posting, it's just the best. I can't tell you what a screwed up country Canada is, you truly have to experience the place long term to appreciate it's nuttiness. I suppose it would be like living in San Francisco with SF running the US.

This Canadian relished the thought of having Bush "served" a bill of indictment or arrest warrant during the President's visit to Ottawa o/a November 30. He thought this an incredibly clever idea, and spit out the reasons for indicting Bush for "crimes against humanity" -- basically the ones contained in the Walkom column and the Kasich interview, e.g., aggressive war, no UNSC approval, mistreatment of POWs and civilian populations, etc. Fortunately our Diplomad had the presence of mind -- which neither Kasich nor Walkom showed -- of asking, "What do you think the US reaction would be?" Our northern "friend" seemed taken aback by the thought, and confused, said that, well perhaps, we would protest and file something or another in Canadian court, or invoke Bush's sovereign immunity, but that in the end we would have to deal with the issue in court, presumably in a Canadian court. Oh, really?

Oh yeah - If I were Canadian I'd want to torque off the US Citizens even more than many already are with Canadians. See, no comment sense whatsoever!

The rise and fall of Annanistan

The American Thinker

This is just a great article on the corruption and failures of Kofi Anan and the UN. Kofi's abeyance of duty starts long ago and has continued to today. The level of failures by he and The Institution (UN) merit a distancing or abdication from by the United States. In other words, we as a country need to boot the UN or force a major change in the definition and purpose of the United Nations.

Here's part of the article:

The United Nations has been so completely been shaped by the failures of its presiding leader Kofi Annan that this octopus-like amalgamation should be characterized as Annanistan. A requirement of world peace is that Annanistan be not just contained, but that Annan himself be ousted. Annan has clearly shown an unwillingness or inability to correct his mistakes or deal with the corruption that has perverted the purpose of the UN.

The most important issue facing the world today is terror. Yet Annan has always been weak-kneed when confronting one of the most severe manifestations of terror, genocide. Indeed, he won’t confront it at all, except perhaps when forced to. But even then he acts in the most perfunctory and ineffectual ways.

In 1995, Annan was the head of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations. During this time, the commander in Rwanda notified Annan by letter that the ruling Hutu regime in Rwanda was planning on committing genocide against the minority Tutsi population. This genocide did occur while the UN sat on its hands. Investigations subsequently revealed that not only was this warning ignored by Annan, but also the letter to him was in fact deliberately suppressed.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Email bout Fallujah Battle from Marine Major

This is a gripping story by Major Dave. There's vindication for the Marines and a sense of such pride for me in our amazing fighting warriors.

And if you would like to see the "New Graffitti" Major Dave mentions then go here. If you feel the way I do, then you'll go YEAH!!!

"Dear Dad -
Just came out of the city and I honestly do not know where to start. I am afraid that whatever I send you will not do sufficient honor to the men who fought and took Fallujah.

Shortly before the attack, Task Force Fallujah was built. It consisted of Regimental Combat Team 1 built around 1st Marine Regiment and Regimental Combat Team 7 built around 7th Marine Regiment. Each Regiment consisted of two Marine Rifle Battalions reinforced and one Army mechanized infantry battalion.
Regimental Combat Team 1 (RCT-1) consisted of 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (3rd LAR), 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines (3/5); 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines (3/1)and 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry (2/7). RCT-7 was slightly less weighted but still a formidable force. Cutting a swath around the city was an Army Brigade known as Blackjack. The Marine RCT's were to assault the city while Blackjack kept the enemy off of the backs of the assault force

What's Next For Fallujah?

2Slick was assigned with the 101st ABN during OIF I and had a lot to do with the reconstruction of Mosul. He's got some interesting things to say and also has some emails from Iraqis with whom he worked.

I think the winning idea for “The Blinding Flash of the Obvious” goes to the 101st Infantry Division. In the course of combat operations and searching for weapon caches the 101st came across large amounts of Ba’athist cash. They immediately turned right around and spent the money in the local economy for humanitarian efforts. During 2003 they seized and spent $178 million. Other units are now continuing the program.

Ever Wonder Why Kofi Denigrates US Policies??

Think maybe Kofi benefited from this scandal??

Initial inquiries by the interim Iraqi government, an independent U.N. panel, and U.S. House and Senate committees have discovered that Saddam Hussein illegally diverted $10 billion, meant for food and medical supplies, to his own pockets and purposes. Before he was deposed, the Iraqi dictator might have gained another $11 billion from oil smuggling outside the U.N. program.
In effect, Saddam was able to do the very thing the U.N. economic sanctions and oil-for-food program were meant to prevent: He used his country's oil wealth to benefit himself and his cronies and to buy arms to repress his people.


I just love reading stories like these. Of course, Amnesty International "feels" that this is torture.........haha turn up the sound...louder, louder.

Heavy metal. The Army's latest weapon.

AC/DC. Loud. Louder!
Let's roll.

I won't take no prisoners, won't spare no lives
Nobody's putting up a fight
I got my bell, I'm gonna take you to hell
I'm gonna get you

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Benefit for Injured Minnesota Marine

Since this is past the time of the benefit - for those able or interested go to The Patriette and find out more on this young Marine who has been injured with a brain trama. You know even $10 can be a tremendous help to this family. It isn't about his injuries it's about the family being with him which is so important to his recovery.

Lance Corporal Kyle Anderson, from Inver Grove Heights, was injured while saving a fellow Marine's life near Fallujah last month. He's now in a coma at a military hospital in Maryland. Anderson graduated in 2003 from Simley high school in Inver Grove Heights, MN. He was captain of the high school wrestling team and a state champion in 2003.
This afternoon, Saturday, November 20, 2004, there will be a benefit for Kyle from 2 PM - 5 PM here:
Moose Lodge #10885927 E. Concord Blvd.Inver Grove Heights, MN
Call for more info: 651-455-2142

'Dubya' Feel Good Story Alert!!!

Thanks to Frank Myers for the link .

President Bush and the dog....
Rossi for Governor 2004--Dubya's StoryRead this story about President Bush and the Rossi dog...

Friday, November 19, 2004

"Delay Rule" A Good Thing

I had read of this previously and thought ok business as usual for a Democrat. But now that the House Republicans have done a "workaround" the MSM is SCREAMING as usual again.

Powerline gives some depth and perspective to what's really happening with the Delay legal wrangling.

Ronnie Earle, the Democratic District Attorney in Travis County, Texas, is a notorious partisan who has a history of bringing politically-motivated indictments. His most infamous indictment was when he charged Kay Bailey Hutchison, then the Treasurer of Texas, with assault. Earle actually took this trumped-up case to trial, only to be humiliated when he had to dismisss the case during trial.
In September, Earle indicted three aides to Tom DeLay, accusing them of financial improprieties in connection with the Texas legislative elections in 2002. Earle alleges that the aides engaged in "money laundering." What happened is that a number of corporations, including Sears, made contributions to the Republican National Committee. The RNC made contributions to Republican legislative candidates, which corporations are not permitted to do.
That's it. That's the purported "crime." Needless to say, these sorts of contributions are made constantly by both parties. Earle's charges are ludicrous, and were made (less than two months before the election) for the sole purpose of embarrassing Delay. The charges will be dismissed and will soon be forgotten.

You might want to go read the rest because the Democrats pulled one of these stunts in MN a couple years ago.

Calling Good Evil and Evil Good

Matthew at Froggy Ruminations has a bit to say about the total failure of the UN and it's members. I know I've often railed about the UN but I don't think it can be hammered home enough. I don't think I'll be happy until the US is OUT of the UN or the UN is disbanded for good!

The total corruption of the United Nations at every level cannot be overstated. This institution has not only left a legacy of failure and graft, but it leads the world in incompetence and greed. This is hardly a recent phenomenon, but with the security situation present in the world today, the stakes are so much higher. Finally it seems some amount of accountability will be held by Kofi Annan as he faces a “no confidence” vote by the staff of the UN. The sad thing is that his confidence crisis has nothing to do with his Oil For Food kickbacks or his failure to address Darfur, but it is in response to his exoneration of some UN functionary for sexual harassment charges. This is a perfect metaphor for the UN. An institution that turns a blind eye to massive international security and humanitarian issues, but acts decisively to punish grab assing.

Tribute to Our Troops


Why don't I see this on the Front Page of the Mpls Star Tribune. Oh yeah, I forgot, they don't like the military and only support the troops when it's something negative towards the "Military Machine" known as the DOD or Pentagon or Donald Rumsfeld or George W. Bush. This is a great article from the WSJ.

We Won't Have a DraftTroops in Fallujah are the best since World War II.
Friday, November 19, 2004 12:01 a.m.
The amazing, perhaps historic, battle of Fallujah has come and gone, and the biggest soldier story to come out of it is the alleged Marine shooting. There must have been hundreds of acts of bravery and valor in Fallujah. Where will history record their stories?

Maybe it's just a function of an age in which TV fears that attention spans die faster than caddis flies, and surfing the Web means ingesting information like a participant in a hot dog eating contest. By contrast, Michael Ware of Time magazine has a terrific account this week of one platoon led by Staff Sgt. David Bellavia ("We're not going to die!"), fighting its way through the snipers and booby traps of Fallujah: "A young sergeant went down, shrapnel or a bullet fragment lodging in his cheek. After checking himself, he went back to returning fire." Amid mostly glimpses this week of telegenic bullet flight paths and soldiers backed against walls, I wanted more stories like this. More information about who these guys are and what they were doing and how they were doing it. The commanders in Iraq praise them profusely, and by now maybe that's all these young U.S. soldiers need--praise from peers.

But the American people, many of them, have been desperate for some vehicle that would let them actively lend support to the troops, or their families back in the States. The Bush administration, for reasons that are not clear, has never created such an instrument. Had they done it, a force would have existed to rebalance the hyperventilated Abu Ghraib story. The White House seems to have concluded that the American people would support a big, tough war almost literally as an act of faith. And they did, but just barely. Neglect of the homefront almost cost George Bush the election.

The election's one, ironic nod to the nature of the troops in Iraq was the controversy over the draft. Michael Moore traveled to 60 college campuses saying Mr. Bush's opposition to restarting the draft was an "absolute lie." Shortly after, a senior saluted the jolly Hollywood misanthrope and wrote a column for Newsweek denouncing the draft. "We have no concept of a lottery," she wrote, "that determines who lives and who dies." But not to worry, dear. The military brass, to the last man and woman, doesn't want you. Not ever.
The draft ended in 1973. What has happened to the all-volunteer military in the three decades since ensures that no draft will return this side of Armageddon.

Post-Vietnam, the military raised the performance bar--for acquired skill sets, new-recruit intelligence and not least, self-discipline. The thing one noticed most when watching the embedded reporters' interviews last year on the way into Iraq was the self-composed confidence reflected throughout the ranks. And this in young men just out of high school or college.

It was no accident. Consider drugs. In 1980, the percentage of illicit drug use in the whole military was nearly 28%. Two years later, mandatory and random testing--under threat of dismissal--sent the number straight down, to nearly 3% in 1998.

Today recruits take the Armed Forces Qualification Test. It measures arithmetic reasoning, mathematics knowledge, word skills and paragraph comprehension. The current benchmark is the performance levels of recruits who served in Operation Desert Storm in 1990. The military requires that recruits meet what it calls "rigorous moral character standards."

After his August report on Abu Ghraib and U.S. military detention practices, former Defense Secretary Jim Schlesinger told a writer for The Wall Street Journal's editorial page: "The behavior of our troops is so much better than it was in World War II." And more. Unit cohesion, mutual trust in battle, personal integrity and esprit all are at the highest levels in the nation's history, right now, in Iraq. Indeed, the U.S. armed services may be the one truly functional major institution in American life.

Some fear the creation in the U.S. of a military caste, dissociated from the rest of society, or worry about the loss of civic virtue. The bridge across, I suspect, is narrower than many suspect. A 2002 Harvard Institute of Politics survey of college students found that if their number came up in a new draft, 25% would eagerly serve and 28% would serve with reservations. The draft itself is quite irrelevant today. But contrary to the last election's confusing signals about the attitudes of the young, most of them, it seems, are willing to "do something" to protect their country, if asked. It is their elders' job to find a way to ask. The military writer Andrew Bacevich has summed up our current situation nicely: "To the question 'Who will serve?' the nation's answer has now become: 'Those who want to serve.'"

At a ceremony on Nov. 13 at Camp Taji, Iraq--with Fallujah raging elsewhere--Army Maj. Gen. Pete Chiarelli presented 19 Purple Hearts for wounds in the battle of Najaf, the big battle before Fallujah. Gen. Chiarelli remarked that George Washington created the Purple Heart in 1782, for what Gen. Washington himself described as "unusual gallantry . . . extraordinary fidelity and essential service."
Essential service. After 20 months of it in Iraq and two hard weeks of it in Fallujah, "service"--an old idea in a world too busy to take much notice--is a word worthy of at least some contemplation. Mr. Henninger is deputy editor of The Wall Street Journal's editorial page. His column appears Fridays in the Journal and on OpinionJournal.com.
Copyright © 2004 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

New Race Litmus Test

I've often been confused about this issue. Whenever a Conservative Black is elected or appointed to a high level position the racist remarks towards these people is off the charts and no is ever called on it by the MSM. Some of the cartoons of Dr. Rice, Colin Powell or Clarence Thomas has been truly despicable and if these same tactics were applied by a Conservative they would be skewered into hell. Here's an interesting commentary from a cab ride.......

Best of the Web Today - November 18, 2004
Liberal Racism: A Little Perspective

We got an insight into contemporary liberal attitudes toward race on a taxi ride not long ago. We were en route to Shea Stadium along with fellow conservative commentator Joel Mowbray, and our driver was a youngish Haitian woman who had her radio tuned to Air America. Mowbray started a political discussion with her, and she told him that she doesn't like Republicans because "they hate black people."
"Does President Bush hate Condi Rice and Colin Powell?" Mowbray asked, to which she replied that Rice and Powell aren't "really black" because they "don't think like black people."
The idea that black people are supposed to think in a certain way is, of course, a racist assumption in itself. But what's most interesting about this exchange is that our driver had in effect redefined race so that it has nothing to do with race. When she said, "They hate black people," she meant merely, "They disagree with liberal ideology."
The charge of racism carries a certain sting because America has a long history of real racism. But the progress the country has made on race, especially over the past 40 years, has been nothing short of stunning. Here we have a president whose detractors describe him as a "radical conservative" appointing a black woman to replace a black man as the most senior member of his cabinet.
Even the liberals who attack Rice on racial grounds don't have anything against black people in positions of power per se. They're just desperately upset because those on their side of the political fence no longer have a monopoly on the belief in racial equality. They're lashing out in an ugly way because they've lost the moral high ground.
It's good for the country that no one occupies that high ground anymore--or, more precisely, that virtually everyone does. Secretary of State Rice will stand as an example of the greatness of America, a country where, after much struggle, people are judged not on the color of their skin but on the content of their character. We're confident that one day even liberals will appreciate this.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

A Marine Writes Home

Power Line: A Marine Writes Home

Two actual events basically the same with different outcomes. The first outcome ends with Marines killed. The second outcome ends with the terrorist dead, the Marine alive but removed from the field and villification of the surviving Marine from the MSM. You decide who's right and whose wrong!! BTW - if you have to think even for a second about who's right then you are anti-military. Sounds harsh? Tough nuggies.

This is one most don't hear:
A young Marine and his cover man cautiously enter a room just recently filled with insurgents armed with Ak-47's and RPG's. There are three dead, another wailing in pain. The insurgent can be heard saying, "Mister, mister! Diktoor, diktoor(doctor)!" He is badly wounded, lying in a pool of his own blood. The Marine and his cover man slowly walk toward the injured man, scanning to make sure no enemies come from behind. In a split second, the pressure in the room greatly exceeds that of the outside, and the concussion seems to be felt before the blast is heard. Marines outside rush to the room, and look in horror as the dust gradually settles. The result is a room filled with the barely recognizable remains of the deceased, caused by an insurgent setting off several pounds of explosives.

The Marines' remains are gathered by teary eyed comrades, brothers in arms, and shipped home in a box. The families can only mourn over a casket and a picture of their loved one, a life cut short by someone who hid behind a white flag.

But no one hears these stories, except those who have lived to carry remains of a friend, and the families who loved the dead. No one hears this, so no one cares.

This is the story everyone hears:

A young Marine and his fire team cautiously enter a room just recently filled with insurgents armed with AK-47's and RPG's. There are three dead, another wailing in pain. The insugent can be heard saying, "Mister, mister! Diktoor, diktoor(doctor)!" He is badly wounded. Suddenly, he pulls from under his bloody clothes a grenade, without the pin. The explosion rocks the room, killing one Marine, wounding the others. The young Marine catches shrapnel in the face.

The next day, same Marine, same type of situation, a different story. The young Marine and his cover man enter a room with two wounded insurgents. One lies on the floor in puddle of blood, another against the wall. A reporter and his camera survey the wreckage inside, and in the background can be heard the voice of a Marine, "He's moving, he's moving!"

The pop of a rifle is heard, and the insurgent against the wall is now dead. Minutes, hours later, the scene is aired on national television, and the Marine is being held for commiting a war crime. Unlawful killing.

And now, another Marine has the possibility of being burned at the stake for protecting the life of his brethren. His family now wrings their hands in grief, tears streaming down their face. Brother, should I have been in your boots, i too would have done the same.

For those of you who don't know, we Marines, Band of Brothers, Jarheads, Leathernecks, etc., do not fight because we think it is right, or think
it is wrong. We are here for the man to our left, and the man to our right. We choose to give our lives so that the man or woman next to us can go home and see their husbands, wives, children, friends and families.

For those of you who sit on your couches in front of your television, and choose to condemn this man's actions, I have but one thing to say to you. Get out of your recliner, lace up my boots, pick up a rifle, leave your family behind and join me. See what I've seen, walk where I have walked. To those of you who support us, my sincerest gratitude. You keep us alive.

I am a Marine currently doing his second tour in Iraq. These are my opinions and mine alone. They do not represent those of the Marine Corps or of the US military, or any other.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Come Clean, Kofi

OpinionJournal - The Real World

The more one reads about the UN Oil for Food scandal the more disgusted one becomes with the MSM. The reason you ask? Because the MSM is passing on reporting this outrageous scandal of a magnitude that I can't even find the right hyperbole to express my anger. There might be an op-ed here or there but no above the fold blaring headlines repeatedly day after day like we got with the corporate scandals or Abu Gharib. In fact , the left continues to treat Kofi Anan as a great statesman instead of the traitor and thief as should be. When are Americans going to wake up to the betrayal of the UN and realize this institution is nothing but a coven of 3rd World dictators whose purpose is to steal from the US and play us like patsies. The pretense that the UN is a governance to help protect the needy of this world is beyond farcical. It's pathetic that there is a MSM so stupid and arrogant to the religion of World Pacifism and Communism and just reinforces the need for a major change in how news is reported.

Read Claudia Rosett's new's article watch your blood pressure as you read.

Then go read this story:
Ben Shapiro: Kofi Annan and the insanity of international law

Place The State

Place The State - Intermediate

This is a great little game. See how you do. Or better yet, see how your kids do with it! Thanks to Random Nuclear Strikes for the link.

GI Jingle (Ho-ho-hooah?)

*The Patriette*

If you are serving overseas as part of our military, you can send your kids back home a free online greeting card with a personalized letter and streaming video delivered via the internet by Santa Claus himself. Designed specifically for the children of military service members, you can find out more here........

Go to The Patriette.

"Life is tough.....it's tougher if you're stupid." - John Wayne: A Father's Farewell

TexasBug: "Life is tough.....it's tougher if you're stupid." - John Wayne: A Father's Farewell

This letter so moved me. I can't imagine how difficult it was for this father to write this letter:

My son, the soldier, comes home. for good.

At last report he had left Iraq and was waiting a flight in Kuwait. With
luck he will be in Germany today and then on to Texas. By the way, he is
called "remains" but I know better. He is my son.

I want to tell you about him. Not because he is so great a guy - although I
think so, but because he represents the thousands of sons and daughters
America is sending to far away places to secure our peace and our liberties
at home.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

What Kind of Coffee would you like?

Got this from my Dad via email. And yes, it's trivial and cheesy but hey....it's FUN!


5. CLICK ON "APRI" ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't forget to click on APRI

Illegal immigrants from Mexico pose real threat to Social Security

Phyllis Schlafly: Illegal immigrants from Mexico pose real threat to Social Security

Phyllis Schlafly isn't the only person warning about this scheme. What I wasn't aware of was the 'Totalization' concept throughout many countries. I don't get it? Why on earth would the US be doing this? This is EXACTLY why government has NO place in determining or controlling retirement benefits for anyone. To many, this may sound heartless but I don't think so. Why should I as a hardworking, saving person have to pay for someone else who wasn't hardworking or saving during their productive years. Instead maybe they went out and purchased all the toys that hit their fancy at the time while I didn't. This is just another example of rewarding the slugs and punishing the workers. But then, that's what Democrats are all about - - - - stealing. They are always willing to pay for things as long as the payment comes from me and not them. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid have and will always be one of the worst programs EVER contrived by Democrats. Everyone always talks about FDR like he was an amazing President. I don't think so. Just read your history. Unfortunately, there are too many Republican in office today who have also bought into the disease of reaching into MY pockets stealing from me to give to someone else. Minnesota has lots of these kinds of Republicans.

Who is John Galt?

Mutilated torso found in Iraq

Jihad Watch: Mutilated torso found in Iraq

Instead of creating another Abu Gharib media frenzy which gives the Arab media a feeding frenzy how about the MSM railing about this and showing video of this:

AS hundreds of insurgents who escaped the US onslaught of Fallujah regrouped for further attacks across Iraq, the body of a blonde-haired Caucasian woman with her legs and arms cut off and throat slit was found last night in a street in the battle-torn city. The discovery of the woman wearing a blue dress and with her face shockingly disfigured was made as US marines moved through the south of Fallujah, hunting the remaining diehard rebels after a week of fierce fighting to regain control of the city.

Oh that's right, I forgot! Stooopid me, that isn't the point. The point is that the MSM does hate the Military and will do anything to undermine their success. I don't recall the MSM blasting pictures time and time and time again about the contractors murdered, mutilated, burned, stomped on, hung from bridges ..... now that was a scandal and terrifying. No, they'd rather report on Abu Gharib. This just feeds the Arab and Iraqi sense of victimhood. I am just so sick and tired of this treatment from the MSM towards our Military. The media still thinks that war should be looked on as a police action with courts and lawsuits. I'm not saying that the Marine's actions shouldn't be investigated but could the MSM tone down the hyperbole and perhaps stop feeding the Arab media their frenzy?

Monday, November 15, 2004

Rats! Who Wuddathunkit?

Rat rescuers a growing trend

There are no other words that I can find here except that these people need HELP. I'm assuming we are not talking about white lab rats but the icky huge disease infested rats of the sewers. I bet they're Democrats - heheh.

Rural Farm Art

MOM - this is for YOU! I noticed this when driving with my Mom between Glenwood and Starbuck, MN. Went home and got the camera go back and take a picture cause I thought it was so unique.

Horse and Wagon

The Horrors of War

Didn't ya just know this was going to happen!! When I saw the picture the first thing that crossed my mind was the smoking police were going to have a fit and looks like that's what happened. Glad I wasn't disappointed.

OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today - November 12, 2004

The Horrors of WarThe other day, the front pages of both the New York Post and the Houston Chronicle featured a photograph of a U.S. Marine in Fallujah, who happened to have a cigarette dangling from his mouth. This brought out the health police in both cities. Here are a pair of letters that appeared in the Chronicle:
I was shocked to see the large photograph on Nov. 10. A tired, dirty and brave Marine rests after a battle--but with a cigarette dangling from his mouth! Lots of children, particularly boys, play "army" and like to imitate this young man. The clear message of the photo is that the way to relax after a battle is with a cigarette.
The truth is very different from that message. Most of our troops don't smoke. And most importantly, this young man is far more likely to die a horrible death from his tobacco addiction than from his tour of duty in Iraq.
I opened the Chronicle this morning and got slapped in the face by a huge picture of a "battle weary" Marine with a fine looking cigarette hanging out of his mouth.
I respect everyone's rights, but do we really need to encourage our young people to think that this is part of required military gear?
And in the
How much did Phillip Morris pay for the front cover advertisement? Thank you for continuing to encourage the development of cancer.
Mark Leininger Manhattan
The Post's cover was horrible and crude. How could you compare our soldiers to the Marlboro Man? We are not "kicking butt" in Iraq. We are in an unjustified war with a people who will never allow democracy to come to their country.
Janna Passuntino Manhattan
I was shocked to see the front page of your newspaper. Showing a GI smoking and portraying it as being cool is disgusting, to say the least.
First of all, you are promoting smoking, even though it is a health hazard. Secondly, our brave men and women are fighting a tough war in Iraq, and to show them as you did does not do them justice.
Maybe showing a Marine in a tank, helping another GI or drinking water would have had a more positive impact on your readers. Smoking should be outlawed, not endorsed.
Ali Mahdi North Brunswick, N.J.
Post reader Hank Sbordone of Middletown, N.J., however, has a different view: "Thank God New York isn't occupied by terrorists. Mayor Bloomberg wouldn't allow a Marine who smokes to enter the city. He would probably rather be a prisoner than see someone smoke."

Update: 3pm

There's more on this lucky fellow...you could call it unintended consequences. He's now a hearthrob. YUP. The chicks are drooling buddy.

From OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today - November 15, 2004

Here's a follow-up on the story we noted Friday about the famous photo of a smoking Marine: The Los Angeles Times reports he is Lance Cpl. James Blake Miller, a 20-year-old native of Jonancey, Ky. Times photographer Luis Sinco snapped the picture that has turned Miller into something of a sex symbol:
The Los Angeles Times and other publications have received scores of e-mails wanting to know about this mysterious figure. Many women, in particular, have inquired about how to contact him. "The photo captures his weariness, yet his eyes hold the spirit of the hunter and the hunted," wrote one e-mailing admirer. "His gaze is warm but deadly. I want to send a letter."
Blake complains that he's running low on cigarettes: "Tell Marlboro I'm down to four packs, and I'm here in Fallujah till who knows when. Maybe they can send some. And they can bring down the price a bit." Miller smokes three packs a day, and the company medic, Anthony Lopez, tells the paper: "I tried to get him to stop--the cigarettes will kill him before the war. I get on him all the time. But this guy is a true Marlboro man."
Lopez is right, of course, but that doesn't make Linda Ortman any less ridiculous. Ortman's scolding letter appeared in the Dallas Morning News Thursday (third letter):
Are there no photos of nonsmoking soldiers in Iraq?
We are all aware of how important it is to help people stop smoking because of health risks.
Please, Dallas Morning News, be more sensitive. Youth are easily influenced. Let's stop reinforcing the smoking habit. Stop publishing photos like the one on the front page Wednesday.
The next day, a wonderful reply came from Steven Mitchell (third letter):
As an ex-smoker and ex-Marine, I have to agree with Ms. Ortman about how easily our youth are influenced. As soon as I made it home Wednesday afternoon, my 10-year-old asked me to take him to buy a pack of Camels and find the nearest recruiter's office. And, please, can't we get them to wash their faces first?
In truth, I'm amazed that you printed that nonsense.
The fuss over smoking warriors is nothing new. In 1917 G.K. Chesterton published an essay called "The Dregs of Puritanism" about a minister in Bromley, England, who was objecting to people sending cigarettes to British soldiers fighting World War I:
There is the lack of imaginative proportion, which rises into a sort of towering blasphemy. An enormous number of live young men are being hurt by shells, hurt by bullets, hurt by fever and hunger and horror of hope deferred; hurt by lance blades and sword blades and bayonet blades breaking into the bloody house of life. But Mr. Price (I think that's his name) is still anxious that they should not be hurt by cigarettes. That is the sort of maniacal isolation that can be found in the deserts of Bromley.
These days, of course, fanaticism over hygiene is a largely secular phenomenon. Indeed, one wonders if some of those who're offended by Cpl. Miller's vice won't soon be complalining that this photo violates the separation of church and state.

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Why aren't we continuously seeing headlines on the network news or NYT, LAT or godforbid the Mpls Star Tribune about this scandal which dwarfs the corporate scandals exposed in 2001. Or how about the continuous headlines we saw on the Abu Gharib military scandal but now see nothing on the front page above the fold on the torture rooms and mutilated bodies found in Fallujah. No they continue to call these terrorists rebel fighters or insurrgents to imply like Michael Moore that they are "freedom fighters" like the American Minutemen.

November 13, 2004 -- The Senate will open hearings Monday on the United Nations' infamously corrupt Oil-for-Food scandal — but without information its staff needs. That's because Secretary-General Kofi Annan is stonewalling — not just refusing to turn over critical documents, like the 55 internal audits that the world body has conducted, but "affirmatively telling individuals not to cooperate."

In a bipartisan move, the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations' two senior members, Chairman Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) and ranking Democrat Carl Levin (Mich.), sent a blistering letter to Annan demanding to know why he's obstructing congressional probes.
They're not the only ones who deserve an answer.


Bout time someone said this to New Yorkers. I also have emphasized a couple parts of the article.

November 14, 2004 -- Thirty-eight billion bucks.

That's how much cash went to victims of 9/11, mostly in the New York area, a Rand study last week said.
It's a lot of dough — even by Gotham standards.
Where'd it all come from?
Washington — that is, from the Bush folks.
And from insurance claims.
Some 92 percent was, or will be, paid by government (the feds, mostly) and through claims.
In return, New Yorkers expressed their enormous gratitude to insurers, saluting their role in the city's rebound and in greasing the economy generally.
And they thanked President Bush, backing him in huge numbers on Election Day.
The truth? New Yorkers skewered Bush. And the state's attorney general won press and popular acclaim when he went after "Big Insurance" like it was al Qaeda.
There's no nice way to put this: New Yorkers' pitiful treatment of their two main post-9/11 benefactors is one of best examples of Gotham's shameful political culture.
That is, mooch, mooch, mooch.
And then bash those bailing you out for their "stinginess."
* Some $23.3 billion of the payouts, or 61 percent, went to businesses, largely in New York.
* Another $10.6 billion, or 28 percent, went to the estates of the deceased or those seriously injured. Again, most were New York-area recipients.
* Local residents and workers got nearly $3 billion — for property damage, lost income, environmental exposure and the like.
None of this is surprising: Most of the 9/11 damage took place here.
Yet voters in the tri-state area opposed the president 56 percent to 43 percent; in New York, 58-40. And state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer led a crusade to vilify insurers.
No, Dubya doesn't deserve all the credit for government's good deed. But he should be thanked, at least, for getting Washington to allot $21 billion in cleanup and reconstruction costs — much of it on top of the $38 billion.
Oh, yeah: Bush also protected the city, a prime terror target, from more attacks after 9/11.
Were New Yorkers at all grateful?
Not a lick.
More typical was Gov. Pataki's response: He went to Washington to demand not $21 billion, but $54 billion, arguing that recovery and rebuilding at Ground Zero somehow involved such projects as a brand new light-rail system . . . upstate.

Meanwhile, Spitzer teamed up with New York's press to demonize insurers and brokers. They stretched some limited instances of alleged wrongdoing into an industry-wide "scandal," involving what was said to be hundreds of millions of dollars.
Much of that money — bonuses that insurers paid to brokers in exchange for certain levels of business — probably moved legally, even Spitzer agrees. (His beef was inadequate disclosure, but his rhetoric, and the press smear, suggested far worse.)
Last week, Marsh & McClennan, a major broker and chief target of Spitzer, announced pink slips for 3,000 workers to save $400 million, much of which would be set aside to satisfy the AG, if need be.

(note - my comments. Lets see, Spitzer is willing to go after a corporation for inadequate disclosure and as a Democrat this is more important to Spitzer than the employment of 3,000 workers!! And the Democrats are always talking about how they are the party of the people?? I just don't get it?).
Let's be clear: No one is saying New York didn't deserve the money it got from Bush & Co. That the nation had no moral duty to defray recovery and rebuilding costs. Or that insurers weren't legally obligated to make good on claims.
But to New Yorkers, the tens of billions they got were no more than automatic entitlements, like Medicaid or the Earned Income Tax Credit — hardly worthy of even a simple thank you.
This is not a culture they should be proud of.
Or one with any right to expect the world to be as forthcoming next time.
E-mail: abrodsky@nypost.com

Is there any hope for Israel??

I personally don't think so and to some extent Caroline Glick who has been reporting on the PA for years doesn't either. But she does have some interesting points to be made especially with George W. Bush having a second term. The original point of the article is only tangentially Suha Arafat. I guess the notion of stealing from the EU is a family tradition though.

Two points from Caroline:
In their usual vacuous and ridiculous style, pundits, experts and politicians in Israel and from around the world have been mouthing off over the past week about Israel using the opportunity of Arafat's death to strengthen the "reformist" elements in the PA. Fat chance of that working. There are no "reformist" elements in the PA. And anyone inside the PA who would dare speak of making changes to the way things are done would immediately be attacked, if not murdered, for daring to question Arafat's legacy.

The president went on to call for economic transparency and an end to official corruption of the PA. If Bush intends to stand by his statement now that Arafat is dead, then so long as Israel's Left doesn't wreck his plan, there is for the first time an opportunity to change the way things are done around here. The only chance this has, however, is if there is a true Palestinian regime change and the PLO goes the way of Arafat

Friday, November 12, 2004

Pettiness beyond belief!

Just read this from Greyhawk and you will see the unbelievable pettiness of the LEFT!

Veterans Day, Vermont
I have nothing to add to this story:
Kyle Gilbert, her only child, was 20 when he died. He was a top-ranked karate black-belt and a car aficionado who proudly drove a red 1969 Chevelle. He enlisted in the Army shortly after graduation from Brattleboro Union High School, following the example of his father, Robert, who served 20 years earlier.
Gilbert's unit, the 82d Airborne Division, was among the first to enter Iraq in March 2003. He died five months later, on Aug. 6. Even before official word came, his mother had pieced together the news from reading a brief item in USA Today about deaths in his unit.
''I turned to a co-worker and said, 'I don't feel so good about this,' and just then the phone rang," Regina Gilbert said.
The idea of naming the newly rebuilt bridge spanning Whetstone Brook for him surfaced in a column in the Brattleboro Reformer written by Judith Gorman, an opponent of the war. ''The president has been way too busy to do more than pay lip service to the casualties of his war or to personally honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice on his behalf," Gorman wrote. ''Let's do it for him."
Momentum built quickly, and the town assumed oversight of fund-raising and planning the $10,000 memorial.
Yet the process was difficult from the start. Opponents criticized etchings of an eagle and two American flags on the granite memorial as jingoistic.
They also objected to the inclusion of the phrase, ''Freedom is not free." That phrase was eliminated and replaced with Kyle Gilbert's last words to his mother, uttered in a truncated satellite telephone conversation on July 18: ''Just don't forget me."
But most objectionable to some residents was the inclusion of the name Operation Iraqi Freedom.
As Brattleboro prepares to dedicate a downtown bridge to Gilbert on this Veterans Day, the engraving of an accompanying stone memorial has exposed a philosophical and cultural rift in this town of 12,000 in southeastern Vermont, home to both hippie vestiges of 1960s communes and more conservative natives in the rural outlying areas. Veterans groups are dismayed by town officials' decision to jettison a reference to Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Pentagon's name for the invasion, after a group of residents complained that the name endorsed the war in Iraq and President Bush's policies.
''It's not endorsing Bush; that was the mission," Frank Wetherby, 57, a Vietnam veteran who lives in nearby Vernon, said as he shopped for hunting gear at Sam's Outdoor Outfitters. ''Where do they get off? That's the sort of thing that turns this into 'them against us.' Support your troops; I don't care what your philosophy is."
For Gilbert's parents, the dispute over the memorial has been a source of consternation.
''I am the mother, and I think with my heart," Regina Gilbert, 41, a receptionist at a chiropractor's office in nearby Guilford, said in an interview this week. ''I just wanted my son's name on the bridge."

Holly Skogen.....A Walk with Trolls and Gnomes

You can take a tour of Holly Skogen park! It's Friday Afternoon and time for a bit of whimsy in the woods. The only thing is I wished it would have been late spring when I had taken these pictures. Oh well. Whimsy is whimsy, right?

Get Your Own Damn Buses

I also liked this bit of irony from James Taranto.

OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today - November 11, 2004

Get Your Own Damn BusesHere's a lovely little irony: Jewish towns in the disputed territories have been forced to purchase bulletproof buses to protect passengers against Arab gunplay. Now, the Jerusalem Post reports, the Israeli Foreign Ministry has asked local authorities to let Palestinians use the buses to ride to Yasser Arafat's funeral in Cairo.
No dice, says the Council of Jewish Communities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip: "We are not ready to honor an abominable murder [sic] who spilled the blood of many Jews."

Morally Bankrupt People

From the OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today - November 11, 2004 there is a collection of quotes regarding Arafat and his legacy. I am appalled though not terribly surprised by comments from some of the world's "Leaders". And of course we always have our favorites Jimmy Carter and Kofi Anan and Chirac. The last paragraph from James Taranto is especially biting if I were a Democrat!

Finally!Yasser Arafat is in stable condition after dying in a Paris hospital. A hospital spokesman "said there would be no details about the cause of death because of French privacy laws," reports the Associated Press--secrecy that is sure to fuel suspicions Arafat died of AIDS.
Most media organizations are enveloping Arafat's long-overdue death in a giant cloud of puffery. Typical is the Washington Post, which begins its obit:
For virtually his entire adult life, Yasser Arafat had one dream, and he pursued it with such energy and zeal--some would say fanaticism--that he came to personify the dream itself.
The dream was of self-determination and statehood for the Palestinian people, and in the end he did not live to see it.
Of course, "the Palestinian people" would have had a state in 1948 had the Arabs not immediately declared war on the nascent state of Israel. Arafat, who founded the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1964, was instrumental in developing a Palestinian political culture centered on rejectionism, anti-Semitism and terrorism. The Boston Globe's Jeff Jacoby highlights one of Arafat's early "accomplishments":
In May 1974, three PLO terrorists slipped from Lebanon into the northern Israeli town of Ma'alot. They murdered two parents and a child whom they found at home, then seized a local school, taking more than 100 boys and girls hostage and threatening to kill them unless a number of imprisoned terrorists were released. When Israeli troops attempted a rescue, the terrorists exploded hand grenades and opened fire on the students. By the time the horror ended, 25 people were dead; 21 of them were children.
Thirty years later, no one speaks of Ma'alot anymore. The dead children have been forgotten. Everyone knows Arafat's name, but who ever recalls the names of his victims?
So let us recall them: Ilana Turgeman. Rachel Aputa. Yocheved Mazoz. Sarah Ben-Shim'on. Yona Sabag. Yafa Cohen. Shoshana Cohen. Michal Sitrok. Malka Amrosy. Aviva Saada. Yocheved Diyi. Yaakov Levi. Yaakov Kabla. Rina Cohen. Ilana Ne'eman. Sarah Madar. Tamar Dahan. Sarah Soper. Lili Morad. David Madar. Yehudit Madar.
France's President Jacques Chirac calls Arafat "a man of courage and conviction," while Nelson Mandela says, "Yasser Arafat was one of the outstanding freedom fighters of this generation."
Mandela won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.
Arafat was also implicated in the murder of Americans, as The Wall Street Journal's Robert Pollock reported in 2001:
In early 1973, Black September [a Palestinian terror group] took the American ambassador and his deputy (along with one Belgian diplomat) hostage in Sudan's capital, Khartoum, and, after President Nixon refused to negotiate, murdered them. . . .
Persistent rumors that the U.S. and Israel possess tapes of Mr. Arafat directing the 1973 Khartoum murders (confirmed to me by Ariel Sharon late last year) have gained further credence with the recent allegations of James J. Welsh, a former Navy and National Security Agency intelligence analyst. He says the NSA sent out a warning of a possible PLO attack, based on shortwave intercepts, that was inexplicably downgraded by the State Department. After the murders, it was covered up. His story deserves congressional attention. After all, there is no statute of limitations on murder.
Jimmy Carter describes Arafat as "a powerful human symbol and forceful advocate" who "was instrumental in forging a peace agreement with Israel in 1993." Kofi Annan, secretary-general of the United Nations, says: "President Arafat will always be remembered for having . . . led the Palestinians to accept the principle of peaceful coexistence between Israel and a future Palestinian state. By signing the Oslo accords in 1993 he took a giant step towards the realization of this vision."
Carter won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. Annan won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2001.
After signing the Oslo accords, Arafat won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1994. And of course the terror continued. "From the signing of the Declaration of Principles between Israel and the PLO on September 13, 1993, until September 2000, 256 civilians and soldiers were killed in terrorist attacks in Israel," notes Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Notwithstanding Bill Clinton's last-ditch efforts at resolution, the pace of violence stepped up drastically in September 2000; since then the Palestinians have murdered 1,032.
Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair says that Arafat "led his people to a historic acceptance and the need for a two-state solution."
Not all world leaders are singing in tune with this arafatuous chorus. John Howard, Australia's newly re-elected prime minister, said, "I think history will judge him very harshly for not having seized the opportunity in the year 2000 to embrace the offer that was very courageously made by the then Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barack, which involved the Israelis agreeing to 90% of what the Palestinians had wanted."
George W. Bush, America's newly re-elected president, essentially ignored Arafat and looked toward the future:
The death of Yasser Arafat is a significant moment in Palestinian history. We express our condolences to the Palestinian people. For the Palestinian people, we hope that the future will bring peace and the fulfillment of their aspirations for an independent, democratic Palestine that is at peace with its neighbors.
During the period of transition that is ahead, we urge all in the region and throughout the world to join in helping make progress toward these goals and toward the ultimate goal of peace.
In the short run, Arafat's legacy is likely to be more of the same. The Islamist group Hamas says it plans to continue murdering Jews (though thanks to Israel's security fence, this is a lot harder than it used to be). Quintuple murderer Marwan Barghouti, who led the West Bank chapter of Arafat's Fatah organization, urged Palestinians to retain "our commitment to the intifada." And the Fatah-linked al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade announced that it's changing its name to the Martyr Yasser Arafat Brigades.
But as America's own Democrats have learned, hate alone is insufficient to sustain a political movement. With the Arafat cult of personality broken, we may hope that the Palestinian terror movement exhausts itself in infighting and recriminations. With freedom on the march elsewhere in the Arab world, that may eventually provide an opening for the president's vision of an independent, democratic, peaceful Palestine. George W. Bush may turn out to be the best friend the Palestinians ever had.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Shooting Republicans, ethical?

From: OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today - November 10, 2004

Meanwhile, over on BillMaher.com, the eponymous Web site of the HBO talk-show host, a reader called "moulty" has posted a message to the discussion board under the title "Shooting Republicans, ethical? Discuss" (quoting verbatim):

At this point in time, would it be morally defensible to apply a "final solution" to republicans?

Let's face it, when Grover Norquist is doing the media rounds...when his agenda of eliminating all taxes on billionaires and letting the poor pay all taxes and carry the debt burdon, and let them scounge around in the garbage for food...builds character.....when THIS type of criminal extreme right wing "thought" is entering the mainstream...it's time for extreme action.

GW Bush and the American right wing Taliban are endangering the entire planet. If the rest of the world had a say, Bush and Cheney would be in jail.

Is it now morally excusable to organize midnight raids on republican groups in the red states and "terminate" them with extreme prejudice?

Watching Bush's acceptance speech on wednesday, with the Cheney's on stage as well....who would not have liked to see a bomb go off under the stage and wipe out the whole despicable slimy lot of them? And hopefully the shrapnel would have gone to the second deck and blown Mary Matalin's head off as well.

Be honest. Who would not like to see Karen Hughes run over by an 18 wheel truck? Who wouldn't like to see her carcass scattered all over highway 99?

Good thing liberals are so tolerant, open-minded and inclusive, or there's no telling what they might say or do.

Global Warming on Mars: I Blame George W. Bush or maybe Halliburton!

Michael Malin, president of Malin Space Science Systems, talked about gullies that may have been sculpted recently by liquid water; evidence of ancient seas; and the discovery that the planet's south polar cap of dry ice is losing weight.

"Mars is experiencing global warming," Malin said. "And we don't know why."

An open letter to Europe

The American Thinker

Wow - what a letter!

November 11th, 2004

Hi. Are you nuts?

Forgive me for being so blunt, but your reaction to our reelection of President Bush has been so outrageous that I’m wondering if you have quite literally lost your minds. One of Britain’s largest newspapers ran a headline asking “How Can 59 Million Americans Be So Dumb?”, and commentators in France all seemed to use the same word – bizarre -- to explain the election’s outcome to their readers. In Germany the editors of Die Tageszeitung responded to our vote by writing that “Bush belongs at a war tribunal – not in the White House.” And on a London radio talk show last week one Jeremy Hardy described our President and those of us who voted for him as “stupid, crazy, ignorant, bellicose Christian fundamentalists.”

Go read the rest. It's short and to the point but is on target.

Comments from an unbiased Reporter from ABC News?

Of course if you hear Peter Jennings, Sam Donaldson, Cokie Roberts, etal there is no Media Bias.

From: OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today - November 10, 2004

Party Like It's 1864The other day Carole Simpson of ABC News appeared on a post election panel, which was televised on C-Span. Rush Limbaugh has a partial transcript of Simpson's comments, and blogger Napoleon Cole has video of one particularly inflammatory comment:

I got a little map here of pre-Civil War free versus slave states. I wish you could see it in color and large. But if you look at it, the red states are all done in the South, and you have the Nebraska territories, the New Mexico territories and the Kansas territories, but the Pacific Northwest and California were not slave states. The Northeast was not. It looks like the map of 2004, and when you say, "Let's let the states decide," I remember what the states decided when they had slavery. I think they're going quickly after social programs, despite what he says. I think we're going to get a rollback on all kind of things. Affirmative action is a bad word; liberal is a bad word; gay is a bad word, diversity. All these words that are perfectly fine words now are these touchstones, these trigger points, and that frightens me.

Perhaps Simpson hasn't heard the news that slavery was abolished nationwide by the 13th Amendment, ratified in 1865--139 years ago. New York, which John Kerry carried by a margin of more than 17%, had abolished slavery just 38 years earlier, in 1827. That's less time than has now passed since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 made good on the promise of full legal equality for black Americans. That law, by the way was pushed through Congress by a president from Texas.

The media's Barack Obama fever

Michelle Malkin: The media's Barack Obama fever

I hadn't heard about Van Tran but had heard and read about Bobby Jindahl. Of course Michelle is absolutely correct in her assessment of the MSM regarding Republican minorities elected to office. There is nothing reported on it!!

Ding Dong Arafat the monster is Dead!

Boston.com / News / Boston Globe / Opinion / Op-ed / Arafat the monster

You don't honor evil and that is what Arafat was...EVIL!

Veterans Day

It is the soldier, not the reporter, Who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the soldier, not the poet, Who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the soldier, not the campus organizer, Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.
It is the soldier, who salutes the flag, Who serves beneath the flag, And whose coffin is draped by the flag, Who allows the protester to burn the flag."
-- Father Dennis Edward O'Brian, USMC

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

An Examination of the Premises Underlying a Guestworker Program

So, my next step was to look at the Guest Worker theory.
Testimony prepared for the U.S. House of RepresentativesCommittee on the JudiciarySubcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and ClaimsJune 19, 2001
By Mark KrikorianExecutive Director, Center for Immigration Studies

Here is what Mark talks about:

Assumption 1. The flow of workers from Mexico is inevitable.
Assumption 2. The poor are overpaid.
Assumption 3. These are jobs Americans won't do.
Assumption 4. A free market in goods requires a free market in labor.
Assumption 5. Guestworkers will go home.
Assumption 6. There will be no significant cost to taxpayers.
Assumption 7. Mass access to foreign labor won't slow innovation.
Assumption 8. Such a program is administratively feasible.
Assumption 9. There are no alternatives.

This a great presentation that Mark Krikorian has put together. He de-bunks most of the arguments for the guest worker program. I've heard Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt go on ad nausium about the benefits of this type of program. I think they are wrong. This will only encourage more illegal aliens and the US will never get its administrative act or funding together from one administration to the next to control the flow. There are imbedded costs aside from the entitlement payments to consider.

Jeremy had written a posting on TheLeftRightDebate about what he thought should be done with reforming illegal aliens. Aside from my own kneejerk reaction and too often frustration about politicians and this enormous issue I have a couple things I believe Congress should remedy immediately. That is to eliminate the option of "anchor babies". I went to the Center for Immigration Studies and did a search and came upon this article:

The Basic Right of Citizenship , A Comparative Study from 1993.

"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.
United States Constitution, Amendment 14, section 1, clause 1
This seemingly simple sentence in the United States Constitution has recently been the cause of much debate among politicians and the public alike. The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees the automatic right of citizenship to anyone born in the United States (while subject to its jurisdiction). This has generally been interpreted to mean that the residence status of the parents makes no difference. The parents could be here illegally or simply passing through on a tourist visa; in either case their child born here would automatically be a citizen of the United States. Although, at first glance, this may seem to affect only a very small number of people, in actuality, births to illegal aliens account for a large percentage of the total hospital births in certain areas of the country. For example, Michael Antonovich of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors states that two-thirds of the births in Los Angeles county hospitals are to illegal aliens. Additionally, Mr. Antonovich notes that these children now account for 30 percent of all AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) cases in Los Angeles County.

So, just think, this was written in 1993 and I wonder how the problem has exponentially exploded in 11 years. Enforcement and Due Diligence has not improved in my eyes and probably due to government agency's refusal to enforce existing laws and a myriad of other issues the situation is worsening.

The Crud!

I seem to have acquired what I like to call the crud. It's a cold with swollen glands. Swallowing starts to tire you out. Last night I took some Nightquil thinking great now I'll be able to sleep! Yeaaah. That gave me a nap while watching the CMA Awards. From 10pm to 11:30pm I was just prone in the dark. So, got up and noodled around the net til bout 1am and then I was able to fall asleep. I was warned that the Nightquil would knock me out til morning so take it early (like 8pm), so I must be one of the few that has an opposite effect. Eyes wide open and instead of 5am it was 5:30am to drag my sorry butt out of bed.

Made it through another day of work with only a minor kerfluggle due to my stuffed up brain. I sure hope this goes away soon. I's gots too much to do!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

An ominous Specter: Part II

Here's the second part to Sowells piece on Specter. Sowell iterates my fear which is Specter does want activist judges on the courts.

Senator Specter and other liberals muddy the waters by claiming that nobody knows what the original intent was among those who wrote the Constitution or even later legislation. This is a completely phony issue and a red herring.

Personal accounts, not benefit cuts

Jack Kemp: Personal accounts, not benefit cuts

Looks like Congress might try to do a little magic here with Social Security changing the indexing from Wage Indexing to Price Indexing and there is a huge difference in this calculation. Make sure you understand the difference to hold ALL accountable for this in the upcoming Social Security reform. Jack Kemp in explaining this manuever keeps it simple - so read and remember.

Switching from wage indexing to price indexing would change the calculation of the initial-benefit level so that throughout taxpayers' working careers the initial level of their future retirement benefits would rise only at the same rate that prices increase. This would freeze Social Security benefits at today's levels in inflation-adjusted terms but ignore real standard-of-living increases.

An ominous Specter

Thomas Sowell: An ominous Specter

So I was listening to Hugh Hewitt last night. Hugh ever the pragmatist was advocating the Republicans NOT go after Specter. My whole issue is not to kick Spector off the Judiciary Committee, just DON'T make him the Chairman. After listening to Hugh for awhile that seemed to be what Hugh was saying, the Republicans could keep Orin Hatch as the Chairman and see how Specter conducts himself. What Sowell is writing about is exactly the image I will always keep in my mind about Arlen Specter and that is his venomous attack on Robert Bork. It was so vile and viscous I couldn't watch or listen after awhile. Specter as I said before is not a nice person.

Why Democrats are tagged as the party without values

Dennis Prager: Why Democrats are tagged as the party without values

So Gov Napolitano of AZ doesn't understand why the Democrats are viewed without values?? See...that's exactly the problem, their thinking is so skewed they just can't get the antipathy to Michael Moore who hates America and hates our military. This is the leadership of the Democrats and Dennis Prager tries to explain:

Gov. Napolitano, your party does indeed have very many people with values in it. But the Democratic Party is no more representative of the average Democrat's values than the National Council of Churches is of the average Protestant's values. Both are far to the left of their membership.

To most Americans, Michael Moore is a Marxist who has utter contempt for most of his fellow Americans, who goes abroad and tells huge audiences how stupid and venal his country is, and in his dishonest propaganda film, portrays the American military as callous buffoons. Yet, this radical was given the most honored seat at the Democratic Party convention in Boston, next to former President Jimmy Carter.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Live and Learn

Random Nuclear Strikes: Live and Learn

Hoooeeeee! Lookee here and see what we've all learned from this past election.

Christopher Kallini shares what he has learned in the past year or so with the rest of us and in doing so, made me realized I have learned as well.

Here are but a few of the lessons,

I learned that if the majority of the country disagrees with you, it means that you are the mainstream, and the majority is a group of extremists. And they're stupid.

I learned that if you disagree with Democrats on any issue, you're a racist Christian fundamentalist.

I learned that if you spend 4 months in a war zone and then use a technicality to abandon your men in order to return home and accuse them of war crimes, it means you're a War Hero, and that Medal of Honor winners who question your service and patriotism are just slimy liars.

I learned that rich people are the root of all evil, unless those rich people donate millions to your party.

I learned that "supporting the troops" means voting against the candidate they overwhelmingly support, because the people in the military are too stupid to know what they're doing.

I learned that if you believe America is the biggest source of evil in the world, and that public opinion in Europe and unelected members of the UN should control US foreign policy, then nobody should ever have the audacity to question your patriotism.

I learned that any foreign policy action is illegal based on whether Kofi Annan says so or not.

At least the Dems are good for few jokes.

Found @ TheFreeWillBlog


American WarMonger: Poetry from the Family

So I like Jeremy's poetry. He's keeping it in the family.



Contact Judiciary Members & Bill Frist

Republicans need to contact members of the Senate Judiciary committee to prevent Arlen Specter's confirmation as Chairman of the committee. After President Bush came out in support of Specter in the Pennsylvania primary against a REAL conservative (Toomey) it looks like Specter would 'Bork' any constitutional judge nominees of President Bush. This is not an honorable man or grateful individual. Pressure needs to be applied to Majority Leader Frist. It's time for Bill Frist to show us he's not a 'Trent Lott' of the spineless variety!

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist

Frist, Bill - (R - TN)
(202) 224-3344
Web Form: frist.senate.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction=AboutSenatorFrist.ContactForm

Republican members of Judiciary for 2004.
Grassley, Chuck - (R - IA)
(202) 224-3744
Web Form: grassley.senate.gov/webform.htm

Kyl, Jon - (R - AZ)
(202) 224-4521
Web Form: kyl.senate.gov/contact.cfm

DeWine, Mike - (R - OH)
(202) 224-2315
Web Form: dewine.senate.gov

Sessions, Jeff - (R - AL)
(202) 224-4124
Web Form: sessions.senate.gov/contact.htm#form

Graham, Lindsey - (R - SC)
(202) 224-5972
Web Form: lgraham.senate.gov/index.cfm?mode=contact

Craig, Larry - (R - ID)
(202) 224-2752
Web Form: craig.senate.gov/webform.html

Chambliss, Saxby - (R - GA)
(202) 224-3521
Web Form: chambliss.senate.gov/Contact/default.cfm?pagemode=1

Cornyn, John - (R - TX)
(202) 224-2934
Web Form: cornyn.senate.gov/contact/index.html

MN Republican Senator Norm Coleman

Coleman, Norm - (R - MN)
(202) 224-5641
Web Form: coleman.senate.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction=Contact.ContactForm

No complaining from anyone who doesn't pick up the phone or sent a snailmail or email!

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