Sunday, October 31, 2004

You Can Help

If you can by any chance help these people out PLEASE DO. Go to Kelly's Patriette for a picture of the young couple to put a face to this Soldier and his fiance.

Sergeant Joseph Bozik, an Airborne Soldier with the 118th MP Company (Airborne) from Ft. Bragg, was recently wounded. He has lost both legs and an arm from a landmine, is not not conscious and has many medical complications. On Monday, Sergeant Bozik will be flown into Walter Reed from Landstuhl (Germany).
Unfortunately, the family doesn't have enough money to maintain themselves in a hotel (let alone buy food) for an extended period. The Army paid for airfare for 2 family members and Soldiers' Angels paid for airfare for 2 two more. The Angels can cover hotel expenses for only three days. Fisher House is full so they have to stay at a hotel.
We need your help. You can donate directly to a fund set up to assist the family with caring for Joe. You can send donations to the address or call the phone number below.

SGT Bozik Fund
c/o Centura Bank
ATTN Aiko Raynor
14615 US HWY 17 PO BOX 74
910 772 8930

Update 10-31-04: Kelly the Patriette is connected to this story and has an article link about Sergeant Bozik. Be sure to read the link. “He felt like he was doing the right thing,” she said. “If that meant risking his life to save millions more, he was going to do it.” Kelly is trying to work out the set up of a Paypal account but she doesn't have an account at this time. If you can help she'd really appreciate the gesture.

Thanks to Kelly, Fred and Michelle for linking to this call for help.

Kerry's Legacy

Here's someone who should know how destructive Kerry's actions from the early '70's were to POW's.

No One Who Has Aided the Enemy Deserves to Become President
Sunday, October 31, 2004

Richmond resident Paul Galanti (Cdr., USN Ret.) was shot down over North Vietnam June 17, 1966, and spent 2,432 days as a prisoner of war in Hanoi.

Asked for a recommendation as to possible courses of action for Congress to pursue, Kerry said he had spoken to representatives from Hanoi and from the PRG (Viet Cong) at the Paris peace talks, and mentioned his support for "Madame Binh's points." At that time Madam Nguyen Thi Binh was the Viet Cong foreign minister. These meetings took place in the spring of 1970, apparently before Kerry joined the VVAW. Hunh? It's illegal for U.S. citizens to do this, much less commissioned officers.

Here's what I don't get. How can anyone who has been a combat war vet think that John Kerry wasn't a traitor and harmed American POW's from his actions? People say he was just a young idealistic man then but I don't think someone who is 27 years of age as young. At this age one is considered a mature adult with responsibilities for their actions. No excuses. There is no indication whatsoever that John Kerry has strayed far from his idealism of the early 70's today.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

More Finance 101 and Econ 101 for KEdwards

There are a couple of key paragraphs in this article:

For married couples with children in the middle fifth of the income distribution
($66,904), the same EPI paper estimates that inflation-adjusted income fell
$2,119 from 2000 to 2003 before taxes, but by only $83 after taxes. This "average family" received a $2,036 tax cut, even after adjusting for inflation and accounting for higher state and local taxes. Kerry obviously prefers to talk about a $1,500 decline in pre-tax "wages."

Last month, Kerry said: "Today, the tax code actually does something that's right. It actually gives tax breaks to companies that export American products. If they sell more products overseas and create jobs here at home, they pay lower taxes so they can grow and expand and hire more people. Sounds like a pretty good idea, right? But George W. Bush doesn't think so."

Actually, it was the World Trade Organization that didn't think this was a good idea. Those special tax breaks for favored exporters were banned, and the WTO invited Europe to impose retaliatory tariffs that recently reached 15 percent on 1,600 U.S. exports, including such vital Midwestern products as machine tools. Kerry's "good idea" has been crippling exports from Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan. Doesn't Kerry know this? If not, how does he dare use the word "incompetence" when talking about anybody else?

To fix that painful trade war, which has lately been injuring many U.S. manufacturers, the president recently signed a major new corporate tax law. It cuts the corporate tax from 35 percent to 32 percent on U.S. industry, broadly defined, and also provides a one-year tax holiday to repatriate earnings from foreign subsidiaries by paying a 5.25 percent U.S. tax (on top of the foreign tax). Stingy versions of those two changes had been sweeteners in Kerry's otherwise poisonously anti-corporate tax scheme. But those two unoriginal proposals have now been trumped by actual law.

Doesn't Kerry know the corporate tax law has changed? The new tax law has now made the only palatable features of the Kerry-Edwards plan instantly obsolete. Yet Kerry and Edwards carry on as if nothing has happened.

Creeping Socialism

This is the model for what "Progressives" call benefiting all the people vs one person. Guess maybe those Ayn Rand books I read years ago had a major effect. I will say it again, people who call themselves "Progressives" are just using another word for Socialist. Plain and simple. They know that Socialist has a negative connotation so, knowing that at least 40% of the population isn't too bright, they came up with a new pseudo name for Socialist and that is "PROGRESSIVE". btw, if you've never read Ayn Rands "Atlas Shrugged" do yourself a favor and read it. Personally, I don't buy all the libertarian mantra but this will give you a look at a creeping destruction of a market driven economy to a socialist economy.

In 1997, when Susette Kelo bought her little house overlooking the Thames
River in New London, Conn., she had to hack her way through weeds and brush to
reach the front door. Renovations transformed the neglected Victorian into a
salmon-colored "show home," but today it's besieged by a creeping menace it will
take more than an ax to defeat.

Kelo's home stands in the way of progress -- at least, the city's idea of progress: a riverfront redevelopment project designed to make New London more comfortable for the Pfizer Corporation, which a few years ago built a research facility adjacent to the Fort Trumbull neighborhood where Kelo had made the mistake of settling. The city wants to hand Fort Trumbull over to a private developer who will use the land for a hotel, condominiums, offices and shops.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Cutting to the Quick

More on showing the difference in the man!

Cutting to the Quick
The mother a soldier who died in Iraq talks about John Kerry. by Stephen F. Hayes 10/29/2004 1:00:00 PM
Canton, Ohio ON MAY 5, 2004, Peggy Buryj, got the worst news a mother can get. Her son, Jesse, had been killed in Iraq. Jesse was manning the turret of a Humvee at a checkpoint in Karbala, south of Baghdad, when he noticed a dump truck racing towards his vehicle. Despite warnings, the driver did not stop. Jesse fired more than 400 rounds at the truck, killing the driver. But the truck didn't stop. It rammed his Humvee, tipping it over. Jesse suffered massive internal injuries and later died on the operating table.
Jesse's funeral got significant media attention in Canton. The military told Mrs. Buryj (pronounced "boo-dee") that her son's action saved the lives of at least three soldiers. "My son was a big hero in these parts," she says. "Canton really turned out for my son's funeral."
Six weeks later, Peggy Buryj claims that she received a phone call from a representative of John Kerry's presidential campaign. The caller identified herself as "Linda" and asked Mrs. Buryj, a registered Democrat, if she would appear at a Canton rally for John Kerry. Buryj agreed, but with a condition. She wanted to ask Kerry one question: "Why did you vote against the $87 billion for support troops in Iraq?"
"And I wanted to ask him--because I never hear journalists ask him, or anybody ask him--what was his reasoning for voting down the money?"
Buryj understood that her request was politically sensitive. So she told the Kerry campaign that she was willing to ask Kerry in private, before the event, or in a phone call. She promised that she would not go public with his answer. She even offered to sign a confidentiality agreement pledging that she would not talk to reporters about Kerry's answer.

Go read all of the story.

The State of the Economy Bush vs Clinton

It seems to me that either Kerry is a serial liar OR he needs a few classes in Finance and Economics. Yeah - that's prolly it. Kerry just needs a refresher in how to add, subtract and multiply. I'll keep it simple cause well - you know - I'm just a Republican and we aren't very intelligent or nuanced kind of people.

GDP = 3.7%; What Was Bill Clinton's at Same Point in '96? 3.4%
growth in the economy continues despite media spin, Wall Street estimates, and John Kerry talking down anything that is good in America today. And don't forget that for the last few months ALL revisons to reported numbers have been substantial improvements in economic performance.
Wall Street seems to initially agree as markets are up as of 10:08am (and that is far more telling than any "futures" speculation -- Maybe we can get Hillary to give us some tips on the futures markets! lol)
So how has life been the last year and a half?
2nd Quarter '95 0.7%
3rd Quarter '95 3.3%
4th Quarter '95 3.0%
1st Quarter '96 2.9%
2nd Quarter'96 6.7%
3rd Quarter '96 3.4%

2nd Quarter '03 4.0%
3rd Quarter '03 7.4%
4th Quarter '03 4.2%
1st Quarter '04 4.5%
2nd Quarter'04 3.3%
3rd Quarter '04 3.7%

Average GDP Growth: 3.3%

Average GDP Growth: 4.5%

GQ Magazine Wants Your Photos

BLACKFIVE: GQ Magazine Wants Your Photos

If you know an OIF Vet let them know about this. It could be worth CASH to them!! Go to Blackfive to read the details and get the links.

To mark the second anniversary of the Iraq war, GQ magazine will publish a photo essay in March made up entirely of pictures taken by U.S. service members.

The magazine is looking for “any and every picture” troops may have relating to the war. “We want pictures of you, your buddies, battles, what you do to entertain yourself when you’re bored, even pictures your families have sent you from home,” Pond said.

One Lonely Female Brain Cell

Got this email today and laughed out loud at the end!

Once upon a time there was a female brain cell which by mistake happened to
end up in a man's head. She looked around nervously but it was all empty and
"Hello?" she cried, but no answer. "Is there anyone here?" she cried a
little louder, but still no answer.
Now the female brain cell started to feel alone and scared and yelled at the
top of her voice "HELLO, IS THERE ANYONE HERE?"
Then she heard a faint voice from far, far away..."We're down here."

Perversity of the Left

Seymour Hersh the idolized teller of all evil military things (i.e. Abu Ghra - oh you know the prison) is telling Conservatives they are jaded, dumbed-down and basically too simple. See - John Kerry is just soooooo nuanced and intelligent. What I'd like to know does Kerry ever say anything that a person can understand exactly what he means! Every sentence out of this man's mouth is so convoluted and contorted a person needs a decoder ring to understand the meaning.

OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today - October 28, 2004

Vain ManSeymour Hersh of The New Yorker showed up at the University of Michigan the other day and explained President Bush's popularity this way, according to the Ann Arbor News: "I think one thing you have to face up to is the fact there are roughly 70 million people in America who do not believe in evolution--and those are Bush supporters," said Hersh." Then there was this delightful exchange:
Perhaps the biggest laugh of the afternoon came when a woman asked what it would take to change the country from being "jaded, dumbed-down, with 50 percent of the people still loving George Bush, right or wrong."
"What would make the change in America that would stop all this descent into darkness?" she asked.
"The Easter Bunny!" Hersh said.
Once again, we see that the Democrats are the party of intellectual vanity. Anyone who supports Bush, Hersh is suggesting, is an idiot, especially those foolish enough to favor a religious explanation for the origins of life.
The Scotsman looks at John Kerry's rhetorical style, noting examples in which he has larded up his speeches with excess verbiage:
During one speech, Mr Kerry's script writers had crafted the concise pledge: "I will work with Republicans and Democrats on this healthcare plan, and we will pass it."
In the candidate's hands it became: "I will work with Republicans and Democrats across the aisle, openly, not with an ideological, driven, fixed, rigid concept, but much like Franklin Roosevelt said, I don't care whether a good idea is a Republican idea or a Democrat idea. I just care whether or not it's gonna' work for Americans and help make our country stronger.
"And we will pass this bill. I'll tell you a little bit about it in a minute, and I'll tell you why we'll pass it, because it's different from anything we've ever done before, despite what the Republicans want to try to tell you."
Kerry's convoluted speaking style, as we've argued before, appeals to the intellectually vain. It takes brains to follow all the twists and turns in Kerry's disordered thoughts, but that doesn't mean Kerry is a genius. Indeed, a surer sign of intelligence is the ability to take complicated ideas and make them simple.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Different Kind of Recruiter

Go ahead. J.R. Martinez doesn't mind if you ask him about the scars on his face, head, neck, arms and hands. He knows how he looks to others. The 21-year-old U.S. Army corporal was so horrified the first time he looked at himself in a mirror that he stopped eating, refused to speak to anyone and seriously considered killing himself.

He has had 27 surgeries - the longest lasted 11 hours - in the 18 months since a land mine planted in Kabala, Iraq, turned him into a human fireball and trapped him inside the Humvee he was driving. His buddies finally pulled him out, and his sergeant cradled his head in his hands like he was a baby, rocking him back and forth, telling him that he was going to be all right.

Martinez has been recruiting wounded soldiers at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, as well as Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. The coalition was formed to help soldiers severely wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan with job training and placement as well as modifying homes or building new ones for soldiers who use wheelchairs. The coalition is planning its inaugural "Road to Recovery Conference and Tribute" at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., in early December. Chapin said the coalition will cover all expenses for veterans and their families who attend the conference.

Property Rights and Wrongs

Property Rights and Wrongs

Here in the Twin Cities there have been a number of situations where government has taken private property for the use by business or non-governmental use. It is interesting because I thought that the McCarthy Auto Dealership had tried to go to the Supreme Court but was refused in the taking of it's property for use by Best Buy Corporate Headquarters. Anyway, the Supreme Court is soon to be deciding on this issue.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

John Kerry's real record as an antiwar activist.


Here's the story which DS Rob hitched from Lucianne's news site. Read the whole thing if you have any doubts regarding Kerry's anti-war activities and the time frame of his activities.

Never Apologize, Never Explain
From the November 1 / November 8, 2004 issue: John Kerry's real record as an antiwar activist.
by Joshua Muravchik
11/01/2004, Volume 010, Issue 08

JOHN KERRY SAYS HE IS "PROUD" of his activities in opposition to the Vietnam War. Why, then, have he and his spokesmen consistently misrepresented them? Indeed the Kerry camp has been so effective in obscuring this history that both the New York Times and the Washington Post were forced to run corrections on the subject recently because their reporters relied on misinformation that the Kerry camp had succeeded in putting into wide circulation.

When the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth unveiled the fourth in their series of television ads--this one accusing Kerry of having "secretly met with the enemy" in Paris--both papers went into full debunking mode. The Post ran 600 words under the headline: "Ad Says Kerry 'Secretly' Met With Enemy; But He Told Congress of It." The story explained that the Swifties were "referring to a meeting Kerry had in early 1971 with leaders of the communist delegation that was negotiating with U.S. representatives at the Paris peace talks. The meeting, however, was not a secret. Kerry . . . mentioned it in testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in April of that year."

The next morning the Post ran a correction. The previous day's story, it noted, "incorrectly said that John F. Kerry met with a Vietnamese communist delegation in Paris in 1971. The meeting was in 1970." The correction did not acknowledge, however, that this apparently minor error invalidated the entire point of the Post's impeachment of the Swifties' ad. Kerry's visit to Paris took place in or around May 1970, eleven months before his Foreign Relations Committee testimony. In other words, his meeting with the Communists (while he was still a reserve officer in the U.S. Navy) appears to have been kept secret for nearly a year.

In downplaying Kerry's meetings with the Communists, campaign spokesmen have deliberately sown the impression that Kerry was in Paris on his honeymoon, a story that has been repeated in the press and on the Internet. The Boston Globe reported: "After their May 1970 marriage, Kerry traveled to Paris with his wife, Julia Thorne, on a private trip, [Kerry spokesman Michael] Meehan said." But various biographies agree that Kerry and his bride honeymooned in Jamaica, an ocean away. The exact dates of their trip to Paris have not been established: It came just after or before or even in the midst of this honeymoon, and the trip seems to have been made expressly for the purpose of meeting with the Communists, although Meehan denies this.

Almost immediately upon returning from his discussions with Communist leaders (and perhaps at their suggestion), Kerry joined the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. (Over the previous months he had garnered attention by speaking out against the war but had operated independently.) He was immediately appointed to the group's executive committee by its director, Al Hubbard, a radical affiliated with the Black Panther party. From then on, Kerry twinned with Hubbard as the organization's principal spokesmen.

One thing that may have contributed to the Post's confusion about the year was that Kerry did go to Paris to meet the Communists in 1971, some time during the summer, probably in August. But this was a second trip, and Kerry's advocates have done their best to veil the fact that there was more than one trip. Indeed, FBI files reveal that Kerry planned a third such trip together with Hubbard for November of that year. But, as it turned out, Hubbard went without Kerry, perhaps because the two had by then fallen out over revelations that Hubbard's repeated claims to have been an officer and a Vietnam vet were fabricated. (He had been an enlisted man and had never been in Vietnam.) The fact that there was a second and a planned third trip exclusively to meet with the Communists strengthens the inference that this was also the nature of the first trip, despite Meehan's denials.

The correction that the New York Times ran also stemmed from the Swifties' ad. It had to do not with the date of Kerry's visit to Paris but with the identity of his interlocutors there. "In another broadside against Mr. Kerry," the paper had reported, "the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, whose past accusations have frequently been unsubstantiated, says in a new commercial that Mr. Kerry went to Paris in the 1970s and 'secretly met with the enemy.'" Then the Times rejoined: "Mr. Kerry testified shortly thereafter that he had met with both sides at the Vietnam peace talks to discuss the status of prisoners of war." In a follow-up two days later, the paper repeated this account.

The next week, however, the Times's correction acknowledged that it had "misidentified the parties with whom Mr. Kerry said he had met at the Paris peace talks. . . . The parties were the two Communist delegations-North Vietnam and the Viet Cong's Provisional Revolutionary Government." The Times clearly exonerated Kerry of its error, noting that "he did not say he had met with 'both sides.'" This is true to a point. In 1971 when Kerry described his first Paris meeting, he said he had talked to "both delegations" and went on to explain that he meant both Communist delegations. But when the issue of Kerry's dealings with the Communists had resurfaced earlier this campaign year, his aides characteristically fudged the issue. The Boston Globe, again relying on what it was told by Kerry campaign spokesman Michael Meehan, reported that Kerry had met with "members of both delegations to the peace talks," which certainly gave readers the impression that he had met with both sides. Globe correspondent Patrick Healy confirms that this is what he understood Meehan to mean.

Why all the obfuscation from the Kerry camp? Because his activities were not as innocent as he would like them to be remembered. The antiwar movement, broadly speaking, had two wings. To one, the war was a tragedy: America's actions were well-intentioned but misguided. To the other, the war was a crime: America's motives were less worthy of sympathy than those of its enemies. Kerry sometimes sounded as if he were in the former camp, as when he warned against being "the last man to die for a mistake." More often, he was in the latter camp, as when he accused American forces of "crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command," a kind of language he never used about the behavior of Communist forces.

America had gotten so far off track that we needed a "revolution" to recapture our founding principles, Kerry said, while also suggesting that our enemies were more in tune with those principles. Ho Chi Minh, he declared, was "the George Washington of Vietnam" who was trying "to install the same provisions into the government of Vietnam" that appeared in the U.S. Constitution.

This attitude underlay his trips to meet with the Communist delegations in Paris. Although he accused American leaders of lying, he returned from Paris to endorse the Viet Cong's "peace plan" as if the pronouncements of Communist leaders deserved to be taken at face value. The Viet Cong's foreign minister, Madame Binh, had told him, he said, that "if the United States were to set a date for withdrawal, the prisoners of war would be returned." The fact that she said so, he suggested, proved that President Nixon was lying: "I think this negates very clearly the argument of the president that we have to maintain a presence in Vietnam, to use as a negotiating block for the return of those prisoners. The setting of a date will accomplish that."

Today, Kerry and his surrogates make it sound as if his meetings with Communist officials were motivated by concern for American POWs. But this stands history on its head. Disregarding entirely the Geneva convention in their treatment of American prisoners, the Communists used the POWs as hostages, pressing America to capitulate in order to get its men back. Some of the more extreme antiwar leaders collaborated with Hanoi in this extortionate game, leading to deep resentment among most POWs for dishonoring and sabotaging the cause for which they had sacrificed so much.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War, the group Kerry led, was squarely in the radical wing of the antiwar movement, which is the reason for another of Kerry's misrepresentations. VVAW was so extreme that at its November 1971 leadership conference in Kansas City a motion was tabled to resort to terrorism and commence assassinating America's elected officials. Although the motion was voted down after lengthy debate, the very fact that it was given serious consideration shows just how far-out VVAW was. Probably for that reason, Kerry had denied being present at the meeting in Kansas City. Gerald Nicosia, author of a highly sympathetic account of veterans' antiwar activities, reported in the Los Angeles Times earlier this year that "several people at the Kansas City meeting recently said . . . that they had been told by the Kerry campaign not to speak about those events without permission." However, when FBI files released under the Freedom of Information Act placed him at the meeting, Kerry withdrew his earlier denial, admitting he may have been there but saying he had "no personal recollection" of it.

The FBI files, however, don't just reflect Kerry's presence. They show a raucous two-day debate, changing venue midstream when someone announced excitedly that the meeting hall was bugged. The highlight of the gathering was a bitter running battle between Kerry and Hubbard, the two former friends and co-leaders. The brouhaha culminated with Hubbard pulling down his pants to show his scars and Kerry finally resigning from the organization which he had so famously led. Participants interviewed by reporters--including Kerry supporters--scoff at Kerry's claim to have forgotten his starring role at this climactic event.
After the war, when Communist repression spread over South Vietnam sending hundreds of thousands of "boat people" to face likely death at sea, dozens of former antiwar leaders led by singer Joan Baez took out newspaper ads decrying the abuses. Those who joined in the statement did not say that they regretted opposing the war, but they faced up to some sense of responsibility for the painful consequences of what they had advocated. The signers included many from the moderate antiwar camp and even some radicals like the priests Daniel and Philip Berrigan, but John Kerry's name could not be found among them.

Just as he has never brought himself to apologize for having said that committing war crimes was the norm for American soldiers in Vietnam, so Kerry could never voice remorse for what happened to the South Vietnamese when the Communists took over. Although his campaign themes often sound like a litany of second-guessing (in Iraq, Americans did too much of the fighting; in Afghanistan, Americans did too little), Kerry seems never to second-guess himself. Whatever he did, he's proud of it, even if he has to misrepresent it. That would be a worrisome trait in a president.

Joshua Muravchik is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.

With liberty and comfort in stalls

Mike S. Adams: With liberty and comfort in stalls


Is this letter a bunch of lefty liberal doublespeake (ooops - I mean gender speak) or not?

A fundamental concern that we want to address is making (deleted) bathroom facilities safe and accessible for transsexual, transgender, and gender variant students, faculty and staff. As you may know, bathrooms are a very serious issue for transgender, transsexual, and gender variant people. Most bathrooms, including the ones in (deleted), are “gendered,” meaning that they are marked with signs designating a room for “men” and a room for “women.” For many reasons, this creates serious obstacles to using these facilities for trans and gender variant people.

OMG - now we have GENDER VARIANT PEOPLE. Does this weenie have any idea how stoopid he sounds? I'm sure not. I can see it now on the next form I need to complete: Are you (check one): F___ M___ or GV____. This is how silly and pathetic the PC crowd from the Clinton years have driven our culture. You now have to allow adult men use a bathroom stall next to a teenage female. No petey perverts in there I'm sure.

Thanks to Mike Adams for taking my mind off of the whole Abu chacha fallacy.

Blood for Oil?

Yahoo! News - LONG LIVE OIL

William F. Buckley has written what most people refuse to admit. The level of crying about the price of gas today is so aggravating to me on many levels. I see people every day who think nothing of stopping at their local coffee shop and paying $3 to $4 for specialty cup of coffee. Or buying their 8 oz specialty water. Look at what people pay and the increase in price for cable tv....the list is unending. Do these same people ever focus their sights on what they are paying in Federal, State, Local Income taxes? Then you add in Social Security and Medicare. Property taxes. Sales taxes. Telecom taxes which seem to appear on anything communication related....where the hell does this go (you know the ALGore tax!)? To me, at least I get something for my gallon of gas (from point A to point B). What irritates me is the gas taxes included from a State and Federal level. How much of that tax actually goes towards roads. I'll bet not even 50% cause a big percentage goes to mass/rapid transit or trails or parks or a new something or other for Robert Byrd to put his name on! The people who are using this transportation aren't contributing because the fare paid for the bus by no stretch actually pays for that ride. It usually pays for a third (maybe) of the actual fare.

This is all aside from the issue that the liberals/Democrats refuse to vote on the energy bill. Refuse to agree to oil exploration in ANWAR which is a desolate fraction of the actual Federal land in Alaska. They prefer to look at ineffective costly methods of fuel. Wind generators....oh right! Then we've got the Ethynol debacle of which it basically takes 2 gallons of oil to produce one gallon of ethynol so we are supporting Cargil and Archer Daniel in that program. Any Ethynol producer who doesn't receive government subsidies goes down. They are not self sustainable.

How many times do we in the US have to go through this ludicrous headline? The left has so deluded the gullible public on this whole issue it's pathetic. What a bunch of rubes!

SHOCKER - This just in - Surprise! Media Treated Bush Worse Than Kerry In The Stretch

Captain's Quarters

THERE IS NO MSM BIAS....say it three times while you are clicking your heels and guess what? You'll end up in Kansas. Heehee.

NY Times Asks The Wrong Commander

Captain's Quarters

Ed has been writing on this from the beginning. This IS a manufactured circus by the NY Times. Yes, the Old Gray Lady with the stellar reputation of fraud, deceit and bias on anything remotely conservative.

First of all, the issue is whether they secured the site and the ingress/egress to it, since the argument from the Times and IAEA chief Mohammed ElBaradei has been that lax security on the part of Americans led to 380 tons of materiel being looted. Second of all, two contemporaneous reports show that the 3ID had already investigated the Al Qaqaa site and found nothing under IAEA seal. The CBS report -- the Times' reporting partner on this story -- makes clear that the 3ID knew that the site had been suspected of WMD production and/or storage; the Fox report confirms the same information and gives even greater detail. Both articles were published on April 4, 2003, six days before Col. Anderson showed up at Al Qaqaa.

As a further note, I had the O'Reilly show on (in the background as I was packing some boxes) and he was talking with Brit Hume and Juan Williams about the explosives issue O'Reilly referred to the 101st Airborne as the 101st Armored! No one caught it. Now I know they sound a bit alike errrr maybe start with the same first letter? But what this just reiterates is that the MSM has no clue about anything military. Do I know anything or purport to know anything about the military - nope. But before I go throwing divisional names around I'd be sure I had the name right especially on a news program.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It's a Quagmire!! It's a Failure!!

Kosovo poll reveals failure of UN rule

This is a UN run operation for how many years?? Where are they now?? There's 20,000 troops in Kosovo?? And Kerry wants the UN to run WHAT??

The UN (stands for Useless Nothings) is a hopeless, incompetent bunch of 3rd world and Eurocrats incapable of running an outhouse. Ok - so maybe that's an overstatement but not by much.

Letter from Baghdad

The Truth About Iraq : Blog: Letter from Baghdad

Go read the letter published by Stephen Moore, it's from a US Soldier stationed in Iraq. He tells the story of how Iraqi's are trying to grab onto their new found freedom and how this will benefit us in the US. Here's one paragraph from the letter:

A lot of people have asked, why we are here. The short answer is that we are here to protect American interests. What then, are the bases of American interests? To me the simple answer to this question is to replace tyrany with freedom and liberty. I watched a speech by President Bush yesterday as he addressed the Veterans of Foreign Wars. His position is that free societies are peaceful societies and I agree with him. He said that we are trying to help Iraq and Afghanistan develop into free societies and he hopes that it will spread to other parts of the region. I agree with and support his efforts 100%. It is a worthwhile effort.

Monday, October 25, 2004

The Combat Life Saver

If you would like to read a true hero's story then go to the link and read about Cat's experience and how he saved a Soldier's life. In his update on the condition of the Soldier he tells Kerry a little something:

Thanks again Kerry, you shit, for voting against them. (He's talking about the ceramic plates which also ended up saving this Soldier's life).

Read all of the comments because they are awesome (ahem except of course for the 2 or so Kerry supporter comments). Post a thankyou to him. If you can't post a thankyou then leave. Don't flood his comments with nasty rhetoric and political garbage. The guy is in combat and although he is grateful for the armor plates he doesn't need to hear all that crap. Oh...warning. If you have a sensitive nature and can't handle the word fuck then you'd better not go there. This is a realistic posting of his experience and is a catharsis of some level for him so he's writing how he's thinking.


JunkYardBlog: October 24, 2004 - October 30, 2004 Archives

This guy is saying B. Preston was taking F'911 too seriously. Well that means that the LEADERS of the Democrat Party also were taking it too seriously since Michael Moore was given a seat of importance (next to Jimmy Carter) at the DNC Convention. Almost all of the Democrat House and Senate members were fawning over Moore at the screening of the mockumentary. Of course there's also that infamous event of Tom Daschle hugging Michael Moore but then Daschle said he didn't hug him before he actually hugged him - whew - I'm getting confused by these Democrats!! But then, as we all know, they are so nuanced and ummm intelligent. So, who's taking who too seriously?

From B. Preston:

As for Rex's point that perhaps I shouldn't take F*** 9-11 seriously, I don't. I know it's a piece of crap from start to finish, just as I know that Moore hates this country down to his bones. But the vast majority of Moore's minions do take it seriously, they don't know that Moore is against this country, and plan to vote as though Moore is right about the war. Some of our soldiers have even taken Moore seriously, leading to morale problems on the front lines of the war. Those of us who know Moore is dishonest and openly cheering for terrorist victory have a duty to speak out.

BTW - I went to B. Preston's link for Truth for Troops and donated to the shipping costs and then also ordered a DVD from I've watched the Dick Morris documentary - FahrenHYPE 911 twice now. Morris did a great job on this.

Jag View on Kerry's Discharge from the Navy

Federalist Patriot No. 04-43 Email
Monday Brief

Some of this is what I so very inelegantly wrote about a couple days ago!

"While I agree with you that the missing records are a big question on Kerry's characterization of discharge, that discharge could not be a Dishonorable Discharge. I am a Judge Advocate General (JAG) officer of 14 years in the military. A DD is reserved for the worst offender under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and can only be given by a Court-Martial. Moreover, it is a characterization given to enlisted members of the military. Kerry, an officer, could receive a Dismissal as part of a Court-Martial sentence. While this is comparable to a DD, it can also only be given by a Court-Martial. Since it would have been next to impossible to cover up a Kerry Court-Martial, it is highly unlikely that he received a Dismissal. However, a less than honorable discharge characterization could have been given by another means under the Navy Regulations. I like you do find it quite curious that a board was involved in finally giving Kerry an Honorable Discharge after Carter became President. I come to the same conclusion that a less than Honorable Discharge characterization must have been given to Kerry's term of service." Editor's Reply: Obviously the title of this column was designed to draw attention not so much to questions about Kerry's discharge as to put some heat on Kerry to release ALL of his military records -- and it has done just that. As we said, we suspect that Kerry was discharged was "other than honorable." Our concern is that his unreleased records may reference proceedings (at the time he was separated from the Navy) to ongoing classified criminal investigations (which have been confirmed through FOI records) by the Justice Department (FBI) into the connections between the Kerry, the VVAW and Communist Party USA. The FOI documents we have received are so heavily redacted that it is difficult to determine the full extent of Kerry's connections to the CPUSA, and how that connection relates to his later meetings with Communists in Paris. The FBI's case file may have necessitated that a less than honorable discharge be negotiated for Kerry in order to protect ongoing investigations. Bottom line -- as we said, Kerry can dispute this charge by releasing ALL of his records -- NOW. We would be please to write a retraction -- if one is in order!
"If Kerry's original discharge was covered by Executive Order 4483, was a board of review necessary? Or, put another way, did EO 4483 require subsequent review of each forgiven discharge to see if a particular discharge was not covered? I can't see the requirement for review if the EO gave blanket amnesty. --Orlando, Florida Editor's Reply: As we noted, Executive Order 4483 pertained to civilian draft evaders and protestors. The DoD's corresponding guidelines authorized "case by case" review of military discharges by appeal related to protests.
"As a lawyer, I am intrigued by your references to the Claytor letter regarding Kerry's discharge review subject to 10 USC Sections 1162 and 1163. When attempting to find out more about these sections of law, I found the two statutes were repealed 10/5/94 by Section 1662(i)(2) of Pub.L. 100-337. After finding the texts in older published legal references, I determined that 10 USC Section 1163 dealt with limitations on involuntary separations. As you noted, Kerry does have an Honorable Discharge, but one is left to draw a wide range of conclusions regarding Kerry's original discharge in the absence of his AWOL military records. There may be nothing to this, but if not, why not release those records?" --Hartford, Connecticut
"As a two-tour Vietnam veteran, (real tours -- 23 months on the ground, including fighting with the First Infantry Division -- unlike 'JFK') I thank you from the bottom of my heart for pursuing Kerry to the ends of the earth, and holding him accountable." --Sacramento, California
"The Patriot's 'Petition for Investigation and Indictment' of John Kerry for treason should be 'required-reading' for anyone who wants to vote -- and I'm not a Bush backer...." --Boston, Massachusetts (Read it at http://www.PatriotPetitions.US )

More on voting subterfuge:
"Here in south Florida, the Bush campaign has urged folks to vote absentee -- vote early in the event of 'confusion at the polls.' My wife and I just got our absentee ballots and found it is on heavy paper. Because of the weight, it requires MORE than one 37 cent stamp (our ballots require 60 cents each). Conservative absentee voters everywhere need to be warned that they should check the weight of their ballots before mailing them...or their vote may be returned uncounted! Keep up the good work Patriots!" --Miami, Florida

I'm curious does anyone know if this is true?
"I would sincerely like to know the answer to this question: How did John Kerry manage to hunt and supposedly bag a Canada Goose on October 21, 2004 in Ohio without being issued a citation by a Federal Game Warden? The season on Canada Geese does not even open until November 6, 2004. Did he even have a hunting license?" --Akron, Ohio

Good news from Iraq, Part 13


Arthur Chrenkoff (Australian Reporter) has posted his part 13 of the Iraq story. It's long but then he backs his news with facts and figures. He also is THERE! I am still amazed that out of all the media there is in the US not one is doing what Arthur does. It takes an Aussie to get the true news of what is happening in Iraq besides IEDs, VIEDs, mortars, Suicide bombings and Car Bombings.

Go get informed.

A Year in Iraq

Blogs of War � On the Ground: MiG25R Foxbat B

There's a great link to a music and slideshow from the DoD called 'A Year in Iraq'.

RCP State Poll Averages 10/25/04

I just wanted to highlight State Poll Averages cause I can't believe it but GW is ahead in Minnesota!

RCP State Poll Averages

• Florida: Bush + 0.8
• Ohio: Bush + 0.6
• Pennsylvania: Kerry +3.2
• Wisconsin: Bush + 2.0
• Iowa: Bush + 3.3
Minnesota: Bush + 1.0
• Michigan: Kerry +4.0
• New Mexico: Bush + 2.7
• New Hampshire: Kerry +0.7
• More Battleground State Averages

If you haven't ever visited RCP then you should. These are rolling poll averages. There are great graphs and charts. Plus they have links to editorials and articles. But the polling information beats all.

John Kerry's UNSC Fantasy Camp.

Captain's Quarters

This is why this whole UNSC lie of Kerry's is important:

We have a presidential candidate who has repeatedly accused George Bush of lying to the American public on the thinnest of evidence, and yet Kerry felt no compunction about telling this lie directly to the cameras during a presidential debate. Kerry spent the past week accusing Bush of using scare tactics to get re-elected, and yet Kerry has spent the past several weeks spreading the lies that Bush has secret plans to start a military draft and to steal the pensions of senior citizens. Kerry and his allies have made wild accusations about Bush's military record but have squealed like schoolgirls every time people ask him to sign a Form 180 to release his own complete military file.

Yes, it reveals nothing that we haven't seen before, but in this case the lie is particularly egregious in that he's using it to undermine our foreign policy and diplomacy in a time of war. It's another indication that nothing, not our security or the lives of our troops, comes before his own overwhelming ambitions to seize power and live out the life of his boyhood idol, John Kennedy. And the fact that he's established a firm pattern of deceit and self-aggrandizement shouldn't be treated with a round of indifference; it should be heralded to the American electorate so that they can see Kerry for the prevaricating narcissist that he so clearly is.

Unfortunately, I don't think this will penetrate anything further than the Washington Times, maybe Fox News, bloggers and conservative talk radio.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

No Code, No Honor :Shame

Ok - so this is the last of the posting trilogy. The last part of this contains the letter from Smash's Father. It's a great posting to refute the comments from the previous posting saying that the spitting and desecration of our military was an urban myth!! Imagine that. A sociology professor stated this apparently.

One day I got a call from one of my colleagues telling me there was going to be a seminar that afternoon by a Nobel Laureate on a subject of interest to us both. I said I didn't have my civilian clothes with me, but he said he didn't think that would be a problem because the Chemistry Department was not a hot bed of political dissonance and the seminar would be late in the day when most of the students were already off in their dorms or whatever.

So out I went, and as I was walking from the parking lot to the seminar a student fully looking the part of a 1970's hippie ran toward me screaming obscenities. When he got close enough he spit directly at me.

Comments Discussion on Kerry and the Viet Nam War

You really should go read all of these comments and then maybe you would understand the antipathy many VN Vets have towards John Kerry and his post VN activities. The major question which remains unanswered by anyone (Especially John Kerry) is his military release status. He started his anti war activities in 1970 (I think) but had not completed his military duty. In 1978 there was a Naval Review panel convened (during Jimmy Carters administration) on John Kerry's Naval release (this is highly unusual) where he was released from service although no one knows exactly what terms that release states. Then in 2001 his release from the Navy was stated as an Honorable Discharge. John Kerry has not released anywhere near all of his military papers contrary to what he has said.

Read the comments from Smash's site.

Antiwar protestor in Milwaukee spits on a returned Iraqi war veteran

Not a whole lot for me to say here since this is happening and it isn't the first time with an Iraqi War Veteran. I've read numerous other accounts. These anti-war pigs are cowards and they run when confronted. Real brave "pigs". They are the TRUE PIGS!
Here's an excerpts:
Note: On Thursday night, an antiwar protestor in Milwaukee spit on a returned Iraqi war veteran, Marine Major Jerry Boyle. Boyle is a Republican candidate for Congress in Milwaukee. Boyle served in Operation Iraqi freedom and was posted to Baghdad shortly after the invasion. Although he is an underdog in the race, he has shown up for every campaign forum, where he's won high marks for his civility and willing to face hostile audiences...

More excerpts:
*As Boyle was walking from the stage to the reception, a graduate student from UWM spit on Boyle as he passed by.
*Boyle, restraining himself, went to the restroom to clean up let this incident go.
*I, however, did not.
*After seeing Jerry wipe the spit from his jacket, I asked him what was going on and asked the young man why he spit on him.
*Although it was witnessed by several people (at least five) he denied it and approached me looking for a confrontation. He walked up to me and got right in my face.
*I asked him why he spit on Jerry and he said he didn't but should have because Jerry didn't answer his question to his satisfaction.
*He called me an imperialistic pig and said that I was a puppet for an imperialistic regime. I asked him if that was a new term he had just learned in school and that I was very proud of him for using it in a complete sentence.

Go to the link and read the rest. The next part of this is from LTC Smash and some comments made to his posting plus a posting from his Dad (VN Vet).

"Vote Early and Often" Says NBC to Demonrats

Got this in an email from Kathleen:

This is a call to action from Kathleen to you and as many patriots as you can contact. The action will only take a few minutes.

At the end of NBC Nightly News last night, 10/22, both Tom Brokaw and Tim Russert announced a toll free number for "reporting voter intimidation," the hotline offers the opportunity to record a statement which they will "broadcast." This is in concert with the DNC lawyers encouraging voters to allege intimidation even when there is none. They're looking for dirt from Dems, not hard facts from Republicans. Let's give NBC some truth from Republicans, as in "We know what you're up to. You are blatantly trying to manipulate this election, etcetera." or whatever you can think of. IMO, we cannot let them get away with an action this BOLD and slimy. NBC is interfering in the voting process and trying to steal OUR votes.

For those of you enrolled at Free Republic, here is the link:

The phone numbers are 1-866-MYVOTE-1 and 1-866-OURVOTE.

The "Our Vote" number is co-sponsored with NAACP and Common Cause. Of course, we know both of these numbers are co-sponsored by NBC and DNC.

If anyone knows how to address this legally, then let's complain to the FCC and the FEC. I will be contacting my local Republican representatives. Thank you.

Your Mission is to Penetrate Deep into Enemy Territory and Strike Them in Their Midst

There's more on the attack from the Left on Republicans:

Are you wondering what you can do to help the troops who form our vanguard against the barbaric islamofascist hordes? Would you like to send them an unequivocal message of support and encouragement? First let's review the tactics our adversaries here at home are employing to deny the President the opportunity to prosecute the GWOT.

Go read what Matthew has to say and read his links.

Chilling effect

This is chilling. The attack on Republican offices across the country. Not only that but the "real" intimidation taking place against Republican voters especially by Union thugs. This started overtly in Minnesota at the State Fair in August. It was just noted as a funny haha kind of thing by the Strib. Wonder how they would have reported it if it had been let's say an attack on a homosexual. Oh - the caterwalling would have been at a screech level. But if it's just a Republican person or office to the Strib's way of thinking it's just a prank! I had previously noted a few of these attacks plus there's more links in teh article linked above.

Saturday, October 23, 2004


I've got a couple of weird things that happened to Internet Explorer after I did the Windows and Office updates (SP2 Office SP3). In IE there's links to certain words where there shouldn't be links and the link takes you to a Miracle Search Engine? Is this a setting or option in IE that anyone knows about? It's really irritating to me.

I also am still having problems with posting blogspot from home. I was able to to postings by 'blog this' in my links but that won't work anymore. I've deleted and readded and that doesn't work. Can't post just from the create a post screen. I could write to the title and url boxes but not to the text box. I emailed help and they just said to delete all my history in cache and all my links and start over! Huh? I have no problem at work but at work we use 2000 Windows and Office.

Any Ideas?

Update: All my problems are fixed!! It was a Spyware Program - Elite Miracle something or other. I just updated my Spyware and that did the trick. D'oh!


Sarah does a very nice job of explaining the what lying by a person about little things does to their credibility and I believe her analogy fits perfectly. Aside from just the firing a shotgun at a bird there was also the incident in which Kerry said he was out deer hunting (see here). The man is almost Clinton like in the lies he just can't help from telling. Could it be that this form of lying is a trait of the narcissistic person? Cause I know Clinton is a narcissist and I'd guess that John Kerry is too!

Here's another story about my brother. Back in the day, he had a little 8th grade girlfriend who was new to town. She said her father was a doctor and that they were building a new home, and she and my brother would ride their bikes by the construction site. She said she was a catalog model and had made lots of money doing photo shoots. And none of it was true. She lived in a small house with just her mom and had never been a model. My brother was pretty freaked out when the truth came out.

Thank You President Bush

This is from Sgt Hook:

I tend to shy away from political commentary here as it wouldn’t be right for an active duty soldier, especially one in my position, to endorse a candidate or criticize a sitting or potential commander in chief. I did, however, read an excellent letter to the editor over at Note-It-Posts that I thought to share with you. Feel free to share it with your friends…

I think it is about time someone stood up for President Bush and thanked him for his selfless dedication to our country and his job as leader of our great nation. In the last few weeks, we have read little in this newspaper but libelous untruths about our President, a decent and honest man.

Thank you President Bush for bringing dignity and character back to the White House.

Thank you President Bush for using the intelligence information provided to you to make America safe again.

Thank you President Bush for having the courage of your convictions and not flip-flopping to gain political popularity.

Sounds bout right to me? How bout YOU?

Friday, October 22, 2004

Who are you?

The Beagle Express: Who are you?

This is absolutely the BEST! Succint. To the point. Accurate.

Who are you?
If you make decisions based on logic, you are probably not a Democrat.

If you make decisions based on emotions, you are probably not a Republican.

For those of you that can not distinguish the difference between logic and emotions, you would be the undecided voter.

If you are an undecided voter (especially at this stage in the game) you are not a person I would want as a friend. To be this wishy washy uninformed about something that has been IN YOUR FACE for at least 12 months shows you are incapable of making any kind of decisions in life.

Iran Considers EU's 'Last Chance' Nuclear Offer

Yahoo! News - Iran Considers EU's 'Last Chance' Nuclear Offer

Ok so you're telling me that the EU is giving Iran it's very last chance or is this just the very very very very very very last chance? My next question is ok so if this is REALLY the LAST chance what happens if Iran doesn't accept? Will the EU do what? Ummm. Tell Iran they're very very naughty? Tell Iran to play nice? Tell Iran this is 'not helpful'? Yeahhhhh. What will happen? NOTHING. Oh sure, the MULLAHs of Iran are just shaking in their bare feet right now. Course, if it was Bush or Rumsfeld telling Iran this is your last chance then what do you think they'd do? heheh.

If Bush Has Messed Things Up So Bad In Iraq...

Infidel Cowboy: If Bush Has Messed Things Up So Bad In Iraq...

"I was stationed at a base (Al Taqqadum) South-West of Fallujah that we took over from the 82nd Airborne. Your writing about the Abu Graib prompted me write this. It is an explanation of why so many in the military favor Bush, even though we are the ones suffering the most because of his mistakes:

It is an old military maxim that blunders can be forgiven, but a lack of boldness cannot. There will always be blunders. The simple becomes difficult in war. Take for example the following question: what is 2+2 equal too? An easy question right? Now imagine I gave you 15 such questions and you had 2 seconds to answer them. Most likely you would answer some and leave the rest. Looking at those questions you missed in isolation I might say, "What kind of blathering idiot are you? You can't even answer simple questions like 2+2=4". That is why Armchair Generals are so annoying. They look at one thing in isolation with all the time in the world to think about it and say confidently "the answers obvious". But when you are out in the fight everything looks different. Nothing is ever seen in isolation. You never have enough time. You never know more than 1/10 what you need to know. There will always be blunders.

There's a really cool link at the end of this post which go to a song with pics called "When the Man Comes Around". If you're on dial up it'll take awhile to load but it's pretty good.

News of the Weird: Stranger Moves In, Redecorates During Family's Vacation - News - Stranger Moves In, Redecorates During Family's Vacation

I'm linking this but also going to post the short story cause it's just sooooo bizarre:

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. -- A Georgia family is trying to figure out why a woman moved into their home while they were away on vacation.

Beverly Mitchell, of the Atlanta suburb of Douglasville, said she returned from 2½ weeks in Greece to find that her personal belongings -- including clothes, furniture and dishes -- had been removed. She said most of the carpet had also been taken out and the house had been redecorated.

"I was ready to strangle this woman," Mitchell said. "How could you not know someone lives here?"

Sheriff's deputies found Beverly Valentine, 53, in a bathroom and charged her with burglary. Police said Valentine told them she used a shovel to break into the house.

Mitchell said the woman had the electricity switched over to her name and also moved in a washer and dryer. She brought in her own furniture, clothes and decorations and even repainted rooms in the house.

"Now we have portraits hanging on the wall that we didn't have before," Mitchell said. "And we've got all kinds of new appliances."

Mitchell has moved all of Valentine's belongings out but doesn't know what to do with them. She hopes the woman's relatives will reclaim the goods.

"It's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen," Mitchell said.

Investigators at the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said they are unsure why Valentine moved into the woman's home. The suspect has not yet explained her actions.

"She's never met her before so we really don't know why this lady picked this particular house," said sheriff's Lt. Bobby Holmes.
Distributed by Internet Broadcasting Systems, Inc. The Associated Press contributed to this report. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed

Al-Jazeera Airs Tape of Weeping Aid Worker

My Way News

This is going to sound harsh but I have a difficult time feeling pity for this woman. She is someone who was FOR lifting all sanctions against Iraq, was against freeing Iraqi's from Saddam's dictatorship and defended the Islamic Terrorists and Baathist's in Iraq as activists. Guess no one is immune from these terrorists including her. Wonder if she'll excuse them for what they have done and then blame it on the Americans? Probably she will IF she lives through this. After all, America is an evil imperialistic regime governed by the dictator George W. Bush. Her and Rachel Corey.

John Kerry Wasn't Hunting - He Was Killing -- 10/22/2004

John Kerry Wasn't Hunting - He Was Killing -- 10/22/2004

I know this is nitpicking but I'm going to do it anyway just because Kerry is such a phony. I'll bet he hasn't bought a hunting license in decades if ever. Then all the little things which really are big things that go with hunting are missing. Course I'm probably nuancing but hey isn't that Kerry's forte` (heehee-just had to get in the French angle)!

Minnesota: Race in state still a tossup

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 10/22/2004 | Race in state still a tossup

Who wudda thunk it? As hard as the Strib works to campaign for Kerry they just can't get rid of those pesky evil conservatives. How can the State survive if we don't have leftist DFL running the State? Get your 'Strib Mr. Yuck' bumper sticker now-send an email to:

Ramadan is time for Muslims to face facts

Toronto Sun Columnist: Salim Mansur - Ramadan is time for Muslims to face facts

Wow - sad that I am always amazed when a Muslim comes out and says what needs to be said regarding the deafening silence from Muslims around the world on the state of Islamic Terrorism. Mostly what we hear is those clerics screaming to kill the infidels (i.e. Jews and Americans). Although Salim Mansur says the right things he is a lonely voice considering the number of Muslims in the world. Supposedly we are told that the Islamic Terrorists are a small percentage of Muslims worldwide but it's difficult to believe this when the Muslim voices decrying their Islamic Terrorists is miniscule.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

From The Front For A Fallen Hero and His Family

Let me tell you something from ground level. The town of Yusufiyah that Daniel and his fellow Marines seized, had not seen government structure or security forces for over 8 months. FOREIGN FIGHTERS, TERRORIST AND THUGS have had free reign and have routinely murdered people in the market for no reason other than one day they MIGHT support a democratic process and speak for themselves. For nothing more than they MIGHT choose a version of religion even slightly different than the terrorists and foreign fighters. They live in squalor and fear. The Marines of Daniel's unit have not had a shower since seizing the town. They have eaten MREs day on stay on. They live a Spartan existence that few can imagine.

Go read the rest...give will give you some insight into the resolve of these Marines.

The Body Armor Bruhaha | No Pundit Intended

The Body Armor Bruhaha | No Pundit Intended

Think this is a pretty good summary of the body armor timeline and guess what? When was the problem really created? Hmmm. In the 90's maybe......

Now let's switch gears for a minute and go back to just after the Iraq war. I was a Sergeant. Bill Clinton was the president and the Army was told to stop thinking "cold war" and start thinking "low intensity conflicts" (BIG misnomer- anytime someone is shooting at you it is anything but "low intensity"). We are in a time when the government is drawing down the military and spending a lot less on training and equipment. A lot of large force on force exercises come to an end around the world. Most small preperatory exercises do too

Nuff said.

Clinton eyes U.N. post

I can't believe something I actually predicted 2 years ago is actually coming true or rather the desire for Clinton is true. Can't you just see it now......2009: Hillary Clinton - President of the United States and BJ Clinton - UN Secretary General. Smite me now.

All of the world loves BJ except for those in the USA and well maybe Iraq. But they probably don't know enough about how he screwed them royally in 1998.

Here's the UPI Story:

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton has set his sights on becoming U.N. secretary-general. A Clinton insider and a senior U.N. source have told United Press International the 56-year-old former president would like to be named leader of the world body when Kofi Annan's term ends early in 2006.

What, maybe Chelsea could be Secretary of Defense or National Security Advisor. Not too far of a stretch. After all, right out of college she got a job from one of the 'rents cronies making 6 figures.

Stolen Honor to Air on WB23 in Mpls

Shot In The Dark: Stolen Honor To Air: Petards being Stress-Tested

Finally, I find out when! I actually sent an email request to the WB23 to find out when they were airing this program and never heard back.

Chumley Wonderbar says "Stolen Honor" will air this coming Wednesday at 9PM on the Twin Cities' WB/Sinclair affiliate.

Ok - edit that: CW says it's been changed to Friday at 7pm on the WB23. That's if I understood correctly (since this was posted on Tuesday, Oct. 19th) Friday, October 22nd? Guess I'll have to check for a confirmation of this!

Gassed: I can’t wait to get this election behind me, so I can go one with my life.

Varifrank: Gassed

Varifrank has pegged the whole election cycle and the last 4 years:

I’ve watched people who are feminists sneer at the fact that women are voting in an Islamic country.

I’ve watched people who said that war was too much of a risk due to the existence of Chemical Weapons then laugh derisively when they were never found.

I’ve watched a former Secretary of State, who unilaterally gave nuclear materials to the North Koreans, talk publicly about how this administrations actions to stop nuclear proliferation with the North Koreans by taking multilateral action, was just folly.

I’ve watched as a former President certified a clear election fraud in Venezuela, and then called his own countries elections a clear fraud. I've watched as the said same former President allows a 400 lb Anti-Semitic propagandist sit in a seat of honor at his parties convention, while the same President enjoys the title of Nobel Peace Prize winner, yet never having brought peace to anywhere in the world.

I've watched as two former mayors of New York City,One Jewish, One Italian, a Democrat stage actor and liberal activist, and a old school deep south Democrat all give their support to a White bread Republican President from Texas.

Go read all of posts on GASSED. You're gonna find yourself going uhuh, uhuh, uhuh.......Oh yeah - the 400lb Anti-Semetic propagandist just so you know is Michael Moore and the President who sanctions him is of course - Jimmy Carter.

Ugly Truth (to the Lefties) about Abu Ghraib

Mudville Gazette

This investigation won't matter because the Dems and their ilk hate Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Pentagon. In reality the lefties don't believe anything coming the Pentagon and don't support the troops or the military. Their might be a few stragglers in the Congress but not many, most Dems only support the military during their election year and anyone who believes otherwise is a fool.

But at least the Washington Post had the common decency to post this story which says their was no culpability with this event from the current Administration. Additionally:

Additionally, the Army's investigation into the role of intelligence activities at Abu Ghraib, led by Gen. Paul J. Kern, concluded: "No policy, directive or doctrine directly or indirectly caused violent or sexual abuse. . . . Soldiers knew they were violating the approved techniques and procedures."

The record shows that the Defense Department acted promptly and appropriately in investigating allegations of abuses at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere. The U.S. military -- not journalists -- first publicized the facts of the abuses at Abu Ghraib in January. It was the military's subsequent investigations that unearthed almost all of the disturbing details and photographs used by critics to castigate this department.

So, I guess BG Janet Karpinski had better stop making excuses for herself and blaming everyone else but herself for her incompetence. BTW - another female commander is in charge of the Natl Guardsmen who refused to go on a mission leaving others to pickup for their refusal. These people had been in Iraq for 9 MONTHS and said their equipment was deficient.......yet other people picked up their slack. Giving another black eye to the National Guard. Oh yeah - the female commander has been relieved of her duty supposedly by her request. Uhuh. Sure.



Do you think a self absorbed second rate actor like Sean Penn or a has been Babra Streisand and Tim Robbins would ever listen to the likes of a group of Iraqi people (including the Prime Minister) since obviously these people have just been brainwashed by that STUPID WARMONGER President George W. Bush? I think not!

BLACKFIVE: How Does The Military Feel About Michael Moore?

BLACKFIVE: How Does The Military Feel About Michael Moore?

Michael Moore - is a disgusting bloviating putrid piece of scum. Maybe I could be more direct or blunt but I prefer to keep this civil. heheh Go to B5 to follow the original link for this letter from Free Republic.

Michael Moore profiting off my husbands blood
My husband's bloody image was used on Fahrenheit 911 on scene 22 on the DVD. Michael Moore took this very personal tragedy and used it without a care about our family having to see this awful image captured on film. I bet he doesn't even know that this Marine survived and still proudly serves his country.This movie is against everything my husband believes in. He has pride in his country and despite his disability, he has no regrets in his service to our Nation. He is truly an inspiration to all who meet him. He will continue to serve just as long as he is allowed to. The footage of my husband is pretty graphic, It's amazing he survived. Ironically it was the body armour that saved his life, the body armor that Kerry voted against. He lost his right eye, hearing in his right ear, loss of sense of smell and is legally blind in his left eye. He says "Our country is still at war and I will not leave the military without a fight." I don't think this is what Michael Moore was expecting to hear from this bloody injured Marine he used for quite the opposite effect. Kerry like Moore also used this same footage of my husband. He used it and implied that he knew the father of this injured serviceman and that the father told him he did not want his son to
>go to war. I can't believe that the two people that we despise the most, happen to be the two people who used the blood of my husband for their own benifit.

April wife of Cee-gar Marine

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Is the U.N. Worth Dying For?

Is the U.N. Worth Dying For? from James Taranto of the WSJ Best of the Web:

From an article in today's Washington Post on John Kerry's approach to foreign policy:

Kerry's belief in working with allies runs so deep that he has maintained that the loss of American life can be better justified if it occurs in the course of a mission with international support. In 1994, discussing the possibility of U.S. troops being killed in Bosnia, he said, "If you mean dying in the course of the United Nations effort, yes, it is worth that. If you mean dying American troops unilaterally going in with some false presumption that we can affect the outcome, the answer is unequivocally no."

So the U.N.--that club of dictators and anti-Semites--is worth dying for, but America isn't? This quote sharply summarizes why the thought of waking up two weeks from today to the news that Kerry is president-elect invokes in us a sense of utter dread.

For a concrete example of how this might play out, we turn to Park Sang-seek, a Korean "peace studies" academic, who writes (with apparent approval) in the Korea Herald:
Kerry is likely to rely on the United Nations in dealing with any future crises in Northeast Asia and the Korean Peninsula. Take a hypothetical situation in the Korean Peninsula: it is discovered that North Korea has experimented with nuclear weapons or exported nuclear materials to hostile nations or terrorist groups. Bush may make a surgical strike without consulting South Korea and the United Nations. Kerry is likely to try to solve the issue through multilateral forums, particularly the United Nations.

If North Korea gives nukes to terrorists and this is how a President Kerry responds, soldiers may not be the only Americans to die for the U.N.

Ok for all you Kerry lovers don't cha think this is just a wee bit aaahhh kinda scarey?

Jimmy Carter - The Revolutionary War could have been Avoided!

Captain's Quarters

So - I realized long ago what a crankpot Jimmy Carter is but this is even over the top for him I think. The US Revolutionary War was UNNECESSARY?? He says to Chris Matthews:

Well, one parallel is that the Revolutionary War, more than any other war up until recently, has been the most bloody war we‘ve fought. I think another parallel is that in some ways the Revolutionary War could have been avoided. It was an unnecessary war.

Had the British Parliament been a little more sensitive to the colonial‘s really legitimate complaints and requests the war could have been avoided completely, and of course now we would have been a free country now as is Canada and India and Australia, having gotten our independence in a nonviolent way.

I think in many ways the British were very misled in going to war against America and in trying to enforce their will on people who were quite different from them at the time.

How can anyone take anything this Nobel Peace Prize Winner of 2002 seriously? Like I said in a previous post Carter is your common garden variety leftwing commie!

The Flu Vaccine Shortage

La Grippe of the Trial Lawyers

In 1967 there were 26 companies making vaccines in the United States. Today there are only four that make any type of vaccine and none making flu vaccine. Wyeth was the last to fall, dropping flu shots after 2002. For recently emerging illnesses such as Lyme disease, there is no commercial vaccine, even though one has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

In theory, prices might have been jacked up enough to make vaccine production profitable even with the lawsuit risk, but federal intervention made vaccines a low-margin business. Before 1993, manufacturers sold vaccines to doctors, doctors prescribed them to patients, and there was some markup. Then Congress adopted the Vaccine for Children Act, which made the government a monopsony buyer. The feds now purchase over half of all vaccines at a low fixed price and distribute them to doctors. This has essentially finished off the private market.

So, if you read this article aside from the paragraphs excerpted above you will find out how damaging creeping socialism and plaintiff/trial attorneys can and have been to the health care system in America today.


I just got FahrenHYPE 9/11 yesterday. Watched the documentary last night and at least for a news/political junkie like myself I thought it was pretty good. Had the Oregon Trooper in it refuting what Michael Moore had done with the film of himself. Also had a Natl Guardsman who was included in the film unbeknowst to him, here is this soldier who has lost both hands and part of his arms along with another buddy next to him at the time being killed talking about how proud he was of his part in the war against terrorism. He also was extremely angry that Moore could hijack footage of an interview the soldier had done with Brian Williams and then cut and paste the footage to distort and twist what the soldier had said. Let's see, there's also a couple families of soldiers killed whose families were understandably angry that film footage of the funeral of their loved ones was hijacked and used in an Anti-American propaganda film. The film also refutes all charges Moore claims that President has connections to the Taleban, oil in Afghanistan and a bunch of other ridiculous charges Moore makes.

I never saw Fahrenheit 911 and won't be seeing it. I can see from this documentary which is produced by Dick Morris (former Clinton political guru) and includes Ed Koch, Ron Silver, Frank Gaffney, Rep King from NY, the Florida teacher where President Bush was in her classroom at the time the planes hit and lots of other people who were unwillingly included in Moore's propaganda film that Michael Moore is not simpathetic to the military and he will do anything, say anything to make money and get his agenda out there. Michael Moore is the real "BLOOD for MONEY" parasite though.

It would seem to me that anyone who went to see Michael Moore's film it behooves them to see this film to counterbalance Moore's allegations. If you're a 'Moore-On' then of course this won't make any difference since you probably also believe that George W. Bush has a micro chip implanted in his ear for Karl Rove and Dick Cheney to give GW prompts. You just might want to get the 300lb gorilla off your back though and give some balance to your life by watching this film!

BLACKFIVE: They're Not Just Numbers!

BLACKFIVE: They're Not Just Numbers!

This is a story about Dennis Pintor and what he was doing in Iraq. Just remember the people Dennis describes below are the same people Michael Moore called "the minutemen of Islam" just like our American minutemen fighting for our freedom from England.

Because of the nature of my job, I always try to remember that the people we kill on the other side are also humans, that they also have families and brothers and sisters and wives and children. Some of them, I have seen, did not even have shoes on when they died. It is an almost forgivable poverty they fight from.

What makes a difference to me is that their goals are to turn this country into one with fewer freedoms than before we came, to enforce an extreme religious government that suppresses liberty and worse, exports their intolerance. It makes a difference to me that when we raided the Kufa and Imam Ali Mosque we found hundreds of bodies that had been tortured and executed. Some had had their eyes drilled out; others - men, women, and children - their genitals mutilated; almost all – men, women, and children - had been sexually assaulted. Holy warriors indeed.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Dear Limey assholes

Now for a bit of humor....albeit twisted humor.

Last week G2(Guardian) launched Operation Clark County to help readers have a say in the American election by writing to undecided voters in the crucial state of Ohio. In the first three days, more than 11,000 people requested addresses. Here is some of the reaction to the project that we received from the US

Here's one response that I thought was especially funny:

Hey England, Scotland and Wales,
Mind your own business. We don't need weenie-spined Limeys meddling in our presidental election. If it wasn't for America, you'd all be speaking German. And if America would have had a president, then, of the likes of Kerry, you'd all be goose-stepping around Buckingham Palace. YOU ARE NOT WANTED!! Whether you want to support either party. BUTT OUT!!!
United States

Go read the rest of them cause they are 'Quite Amusing' (think stodgey Brit Accent as you reading that). Heheh.

What Happened on United Airlines Flight 925?

Annie Jacobsen has continued this series and I wasn't aware of it. She has continued to collect stories and documentation from many people confirming a lot of information along the way. Some questionable and potentially scarey things are happening with not only the TSA(good old Normie Mineta) but also with United Airlines. This is actually Part IX of her series. You can also go to a forum where comments have been posted. It's worth reading up on!

From Iraq: LTC. Stuckey

A Collection of Thoughts

You absolutely have to go read this letter from LTC Stuckey. Not only does he tell you some of the abhorrent atrocities committed by the "minute men according to Michael Moore" but talks about the reasons for this war and why we as Americans HAVE to continue in the fight against the Islamofascist Terror Assault. There are some grim realities which YOU need to understand. I would just like every parent with children to understand what could be the consequences of not taking this war we are fighting today in the serious manner it deserves. People need to understand that burying your heads in the sand will not make it go away, it will only delay AGAIN, the problem for your children and by then it will be continually escalating. Forget about all the minutiae of deficits, social security, drugs for seniors, tax cuts for the rich, health care.......because none of this will matter if you are DEAD!

Froggy Ruminations: Vox Blogoli: Why George Bush

Froggy Ruminations: Vox Blogoli: Why George Bush

I'll just excerpt a couple paragraphs and then go read all of what Matthew has to say:

As a SEAL Reservist, I have tried to maintain contact with my friends in the Teams who have remained on active duty. This President has authorized SOF operations that were unthinkable with the prior administration. If I told you the places my friends have been, you would be shocked. President Bush’s risk tolerance for operations in support of the GWOT is satisfyingly high. While John Kerry promises to double SOF which is impossible, the President has shown a detailed understanding of what the SEALs are up to and how they are getting it done. The President has mandated the creation of 2 additional SEAL Teams, but he told our top Admiral that he would not abide the degradation of training and selection of men. This is music to the ears of a Navy SEAL who places his life in the hands of his comrades in training and war.

SEALs that I have talked to love the President and Donald Rumsfeld as well. The CINC matters to the military more than you could imagine, and this is a personal matter for me. I served under Bill Clinton, and at the time everybody in the Teams knew that we were never going to be unchained to conduct Direct Action against America’ foes. I was constantly on the road traveling around the country and around the world on training evolutions. It was so frustrating to know that you were going to be away from your family to practice for a game that the coach would never let you play in. Many experienced operators left the Teams with me at the end of the 90s for the same reason. It wasn’t like we didn’t see threats or targets out there, but after Somalia, we knew Clinton didn’t have the sack to pull the trigger. So did UBL as it turned out.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Weapons cache stuns Canucks - Afghanistan

Just wait til you read this and see the large stockpile found and where and who already knew about the stockpile!!

Police Call on Kerry to Stop Misrepresenting Their Support

WASHINGTON, Oct. 14 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Today Chuck Canterbury, the President of the nation's largest police labor organization, called on John Kerry to stop making misleading statements regarding his support from the law enforcement community. Both on the campaign trail and in Wednesday night's debate in Tempe, AZ, Senator Kerry has alluded that he has the support of the majority of these brave men and women.

John Kerry wouldn't exaggerate the support he's receiving would he???

Kerry Excommunicated?

I know I have a lot of Power Line links today but they just have too many goodies to pass up. I have no clue how valid this is but it sure is curious:

From a quick reading of the documents, it appears that a canon lawyer in Los Angeles named Marc Balestrieri brought a complaint against John Kerry, which the Vatican responded to last month. I gather that the answer has just now been made public.

The Vatican's response is by Father Basil Cole, a Dominican theologian based in Washington, DC, who said he had been assigned to give an unofficial response to the question that Balestrieri had submitted. He answers two questions that Balestrieri had posed, both affirmatively. His letter concludes:

Consequently, if a Catholic publicly and obstinately supports the civil right to abortion, knowing that the Church teaches officially against that legislation, he or she commits that heresy envisioned by Can. 751 of the Code. Provided that the presumptions of knowledge of the law and penalty and imputability are not rebutted in the external forum, one is automatically excommunicated according to Can. 1364, Sec. 1.
Catholic World News says that "[t]he type of excommunication outlined in the new information is called latae sententiae, which means that it occurs automatically and does not require a formal pronouncement by any Church official."

The same logic would apply to almost every Catholic Democratic politician.

An army brat's case against John Kerry

You have to go read this wonderful tribute:

Black Bart, my dad, distinguished himself in the battle of the Ia Drang first in 1965, when he was Charlie Battery commander for the 2nd of the 20th First Air Cav. . . .Like so many of you, Black Bart volunteered for a second tour and served as Battalion Cmdr. of the 4th of the 77th 101st Airborne. Just before Thanksgiving, 1968, we learned he was shot down and reported missing while taking out an enemy gun emplacement. That dreaded knock on the door came during The Macy’s parade, the memory of that seared forever in my brain.

And speaking of SEARED, ironically, dad’s funeral was held almost the same time a young John Kerry was seeing the doc about a splinter, and requesting his first purple heart.

Army Specialist George Perez - Someone You Should Know

BLACKFIVE: Army Specialist George Perez - Someone You Should Know

This guy is just inspirational. Go read about an American HERO.

The Sorry Americans

Mudville Gazette

These are the pathetic leftovers of the Hippie/Peace/Love/Drug Induced Baby Boomers who still have not grown up and realized there is evil in the world and YOU don't support them by doing this kind of stupid assinine diplay. BTW - the second picture is of a group from St. Paul, MN (maybe they are friends of Sara Jane Olsen?). The photo's that you see here have been altered with NEW Signage(except for the St. Paul group)...heheheh. There's a link included if you want to see what the real signs have on them.

Charges Loom in Oil For Food?

Mudville Gazette

Well it's about freakin' time!! But isn't it interesting this is being done through the Congress and not through the UN's (Useless Nothings) own investigation? The UN's investigation will simply stretch things out forever because bureaucracies which are run by third world dictators are smoke screens at best and cover ups at it's worst. The UN is at it's worst! Norm Coleman is part of this investigation for the Congress and I believe it is Norm's intent to go at this full steam. GO NORM!

British act as bait in war with Mahdi

Times Online - Sunday Times

Unbelievable battle fought by the Brits back in August. Came to this link from The Mudville Gazette

ABC News: 'Primetime Live' Poll: More Republicans Satisfied With Sex Lives Than Democrats

ABC News: 'Primetime Live' Poll: More Republicans Satisfied With Sex Lives Than Democrats

The funniest thing mentioned in this short blurb on the survey was: When asked whether they had ever faked an orgasm, more Democrats (33 percent) than Republicans (26 percent) said they had

See - Democrats even lie during sex!!!! Bwahahahahahah

Of course the last paragraph explains this all away.....

Seriously, does ABC think this is something important considering there is a major election in less than 2 weeks with the Global War on Islamist Terrorists affecting the World. Guess this just tells you how vacant and pathetic these so-called 'news programs' are.

Speaking truth to (diminishing) power

Power Line: Speaking truth to (diminishing) power

Powerline is highlighting a letter written to Nightline in regards to the questioning of VietCong and John Kerry's attack on the village without EVER talking with any of the Swift Boat Vets and then taking the word of Viet Cong over honored Veterans involved. Oh - well of course these were Veterans who are part of the Swift Boat Vets so they have no credibility when the Viet Cong do!!! Here's an excerpt but go read the whole letter.

To say that Nightline found "the one group" who hasn't weighed in on Kerry's Vietnam service is total BS. While we've all heard ad nauseam from the 9-11 families and have heard the press talk about how Bush has offended them by using the images of 9-11, WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN OF VIETNAM, who had to endure John Kerry's legacy of lies, both then and now, during this campaign?

I am one of those children, and had to endure teachers who censured me, people who told me (as a small child) "YOUR DADDY DESERVED TO DIE IN VIETNAM -- HE WAS A BABYKILLER". We watched our moms, young widows who were afraid to say what happened to their husbands because they never knew whether they might get sympathy or hate. All because John Kerry testified before the world that our fathers committed atrocities at every level of command. His lies based on hear-say hurt ALL of us, for years and years, and yet who's interviewed us?

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Battle of the Blogs: Medienkritik vs. George Soros

If by some chance you aren't familiar with George Soros he is the man with the money behind 'Move On.Org' which is a lefty pro-socialist/communist/anti-American organization. George Soros has funded anti-George Bush propaganda to the tune of $15 million and will inject more to get GW out of office. Why - I don't know and the only thing I can conclude is he is a Socialist who is trying to make money off of the currency market which is how George Soros makes all of money. Anything to devalue the dollar. Aside from that David Medienkritik's is more than well worth the read. If you are unfamiliar with history then read it, if you are unfamiliar or not up to speed on the UN debactle then read this....... If you are uniformed do yourself a favor and read the damn thing, it's worth the time!!

Who Do You Think Backed Off on Draft Threat?

Ok so Powerline really hit a homerun (yaaa...for a non-baseball fan this is presumptuous) with this posting...go check it out:

Kerry's reference to the draft was a "gaffe" only insofar as the candidate himself wasn't supposed to mention it. The Democrats, playing as always on the fears of the ignorant, are promoting the draft hoax for all they are worth among unsophisticated voters. But because the idea is so ludicrous, they didn't intend for Kerry to make the claim himself, on the record. However, as so often happens with Kerry, the draft line just slipped out.

Who Do You Expect Bad Poll Data From?

Here is why I don't take the polls too seriously....aside from the fact that I work in the market research industry (although we do primarily BtoB for research) but I do know from myself and many of my family members (8 brothers and 3 sisters) how answering of the telephone habits have changed. Many people do not answer their telephones instead using screening via caller id or just an answering maching or like myself have a land line but primarily use my cellular number. I know that the demographics for telephone marketers is changing dramatically plus from a business to consumer (BtoC) perspective the effect is the most dramatic. So, ask yourself, who is getting most of these calls from political polls? Just a question of which I don't necessarily have the answer but people need to think about this when ingesting polling data. This is why I still and have for the last year believed that President Bush will win at least 35 if not 40 states. The only obstacle President Bush faces is the use of the courts by the Democrats to change the election. So, Hugh Hewitts Book "If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat" is truly a prophesy of things to come..... Just wait and see how ugly this election can and will become!!

Fall Colors

I actually got my Fall Colors 2004 Album set up. You won't need a login or pw unless you'd want to download or save any of the pictures. Just hit the view or picture to see the pictures. :-)

Toni's Fall Colors 2004 in Minnesota

Vehicle Interloper

This is an off politics/current events post. Ok so a week ago yesterday I had loaded up my Explorer (note that this is my NEW to me 2002 Explorer) with a bunch of junk that I was hauling to my city's fall clean up day which was for Saturday. So I loaded everything up on Friday afternoon and evening since we were going to the President Bush Rally on Saturday. Had my old computer with all peripherals, bunch of polypipe and an old sprinkler pump which was sitting outside by the channel. Got all that done, visited the city and was also astounded it only cost me $17 for 2 loads (forgot this also included 2 propane gas tanks one of which was not empty). Relief. Got rid of that stuff and won't have to bother with it any longer.

So, later Saturday I came home from the Rally and parked in the garage with all the windows closed and then never touched the vehicle for the rest of the weekend. MONDAY MORNING: I go to leave for work (6am) and open the door of the back drivers side and am assailed by the stench of rotting flesh!! OMG - wtf is that?? Where did it come from? So, I did what any proud procrastinator would do, I opened all the windows and drove to work like that. Kept the windows open at work all day cause I don't really have to worry about vandals since I can see my vehicle and it's only parked about 25' from my office.
Anyway, Tuesday was the last nice day we were supposed to have before the weather turned sucky so I took a half day. BTW - took some really great fall color pictures on my way home and will have a link online soon to view them if you are into fall leave pictures. Anyway, once home I looked all around the outside, inside the engine, wheel wells, inside the vehicle, under the luck.
Wednesday - had to run my boss around since his Porsche had gotten a flat and we needed to get it fixed pronto. The stench was really getting overpowering by now. Peeyouuuuuuuu. It was also raining Wed. so I couldn't leave the windows open.
Thursday, I finally couldn't take it any longer and the stench was just getting worse. Took it to my little garage mechanic near work. Told him the story and asked if he could check around since I thought it was under the hood. Oh -also I had him do an oil change. He calls around noon and has found the culprit. IT's a MOUSE. He found it UNDER THE DRIVERS SEAT! Sheesh. But he said he had to move the seat way back and barely caught the little paw in the corner of his eye. It wasn't or hadn't started to really decompose at all yet.
So, I'm thrilled, the little bugger got laid to rest and not in my vehicle. But the question was how and where did the mouse get into my Explorer. Amanda at work asked me hadn't I hauled some stuff recently? Duohhhhhh! The sprinkler pump!! Has a storage well for water! Must have had a nest in there and thank you very much there must not have been little one's yet or they were still in the well.
It is amazing how much one scrawny little mouse can so stink up a vehicle. I am still thinking about that. I did finally spray some Febreze type stuff on it and this morning the smell was almost gone. That stuff really wonder the soldiers really like to get bottles of that stuff. Now I'll be more willing to throw that into their care packages.
End of story. Long way to go for a little tiny mouse..:-)

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